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Are you working on a new web app that will win the hearts of its users? Are you a resourceful client of a software house, a dedicated product owner, or an ingenious developer? Then, you want the user experience to be as good as possible – regardless of whether your app is a personal project or the next Facebook-killer. Graphic design and user interface are exciting, but their less obvious cousin, performance, is no less important. If you would like to take care of performance testing yourself or introduce your QA team to this task, keep reading – this blogpost will be about JMeter, an easy-to-use, yet powerful (and free!) tool to perform load tests with.
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Have a Bountiful Bug Bash! Handy Tips for QA Teams

Back in April, we published a blog post on bug bashes - events where people with different backgrounds (both tech and non-tech) get together to test an app and discover the many bugs that have eluded the project’s Quality Assurance (QA). Now, with around 100 completed bug bashes under belt here at netguru, we have some tips that will hopefully help your bug-bashers come back from the hunt with bugs aplenty.
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Testing in production and staging environments is the same basic activity – but you must know that different environments require different approaches.
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