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This is a practical guide on improving predictability: you’ll learn how to recognise when you need to work on your predictability and how to set the right goals to achieve the results you want. At the very end of this article we also talk about the future and what the next steps will be for Netguru as we grow and mature as a company.
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On our quest for more predictability, we were visited by consultants with prior experience gained at leading software corporations. They were supposed to share their tools and processes and help us identify what we could improve in ours. In reality, they couldn’t help us. Our predictability was higher than theirs, and they saw no need to improve it any further.
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Developing a software product is a risk. Ask all the failed tech startups. According to this report by Small Business Trends, more than 50% of small businesses fail in their first 4 years. The leading reason? Incompetence, which basically means failure at applying good internal processes in business. So, what can you do to turn the odds in your favour?
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