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Remote work is all around us. And it’s great! But, as it’s widely commented in the agile community, it poses some specific challenges when implementing Scrum or other agile approaches. Below you will find some tips on how we tackle them at Netguru. But before we go there, let’s debunk one myth: Neither Scrum Guide nor Agile Manifesto forbids remote setups
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Making sure your teams works like a well-oiled machine is no easy task. That said, it’s a task you should be committed to throughout the project to make sure the efficiency is maintained, instead of only achieving it temporarily. Maintaining the efficiency of our teams is one of the most important roles of a Project Manager in Netguru. While we tend to it in every project, there is no universal recipe for it, as each of our team setups is unique.
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Balancing time, money, scope, resources – those are just some of the Project Manager responsibilities. PM has to ensure that difficult projects are handled and positive results are obtained. We have to take care of proper communication between the team and the Client. Challenges are part of our job too.
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After my very last recruitment call, the time slowed down. Even though it's been just a few days before I received the decision, I couldn't stop constantly refreshing my email box. And, oh my god, I eventually saw the awaited message. Joining Netguru was my big goal, so I don't need to describe how proud and happy I was when I saw the offer. The curiosity level went high immediately when I started to think about the upcoming adventure - how does it feel to become a new project manager at Netguru? And here I am to tell you what my first week looked like.
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