Full Stack Development to Build SaaS that Finds Talent for Projects

Internal talent and knowledge matching SaaS system presenting digitised expert profiles
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The client needed to create an internal talent and knowledge matching Software as a Service (SaaS) system for all types of professionals and experts.


  • Making it easier to find the best possible talent and connect it to the right projects.
  • Winning pitches, helping with tasks and supporting the client's needs.
  • Building high-performance teams, driving superior overall organisational performance.


Netguru offered an all-around solution, from development through testing to integrating the product with multiple services.

  • Providing a full-stack development team and additional services.
  • Building new features and testing them thoroughly.
  • Integrating the platform with Heroku, Google Analytics, UserVoice, CloudMailin & Engine Yard.


ProFinda is a unique SaaS Cloud Collaboration Platform with an exceptional matching technology that helps users find experts for their teams.

  • A platform that transforms businesses making team integration as easy as never before.
  • The process of searching for internal talents streamlined and inconspicuous.
  • Powerful real-time data on staff, departments and workflow.


  • 5000+ Monthly visits
  • 7 Team members
  • 1003 Days of development and maintenance
  • 3 Years of cooperation
We found Netguru just in time and we are impressed. They're helping us realise our dream to be a global cloud tool in the enterprise space.

Roger Gorman


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