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Insights from leading fintech companies

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All the fintech trends, experts, and companies to watch in 2022

Whether you’re a fintech startup looking for funding, a venture capitalist hunting down your next big investment opportunity, or an established player building on your success, the Guide is designed to help you stay on top of fintech trends.

We've gathered insights from industry experts to guide you through all aspects of this ever-changing market. Get up to speed on everything from hot unicorns to watch in 2022 to design trends, inspiring fintech leaders, and reliable industry resources.

We created a go-to resource for the fintech community — a guide that you can rely on for access to the best insights from the brightest minds in fintech, packaged up in an easy-to-digest format.
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Paweł Stężycki

Senior Innovation Consultant at Netguru

Featured experts

Meet some of the contributors to Disruption Guide Fintech 2022
  • Stephanie Bowker

    Stephanie Bowker

    Head of Marketing at Spendesk
  • Jorg Howein

    Jörg Howein

    Chief Product Officer at Solarisbank
  • Amy French

    Amy French

    Director at Level39
  • Can Osman Yildirim

    Can Osman Yildirim

    Growth Partner Development Manager at Amazon Web Services
  • Tom Brammar

    Tom Brammar

    CEO at Stackin'
  • Radoslaw Salek

    Radosław Sałek

    Senior Account Manager at Google Cloud
  • Jakub Czerwiński

    Jakub Czerwiński

    VP CEE at Adyen
  • Miguel Armaza

    Miguel Armaza

    Fintech VC at Speedinvest
  • Miguel Armaza

    Miguel Armaza

    Co-Founder and General Partner at Gilgamesh Ventures
  • Nikolai Hack

    Nikolai Hack

    Head of Strategy & Partnerships at Nucoro
  • Aleksandra Prejs

    Aleksandra Prejs

    Head of Growth at Netguru
  • Pawel Stezycki

    Pawel Stezycki

    Senior Innovation Consultant at Netguru
  • Sean OConnor

    Sean O'Connor

    Fintech Sales Team Leader at Netguru
  • Bartosz Białek

    Bartosz Białek

    Product Design Manager at Netguru

One guide on all things fintech

Five categories of essential information to help you get ahead in 2022
  1. Companies Shaping the Fintech Industry:

    Fintech Unicorns
    Fintech Startups With the Highest Investment
    Biggest IPOs in 2021
  2. Fintech Leaders to Follow:

    Most Successful Startup CEOs
    Corporate Innovators with the Biggest Impact
    Inspiring Design Directors
    CTOs to Follow
    Finance Editors
  3. Building a Fintech Network:

    Most Active Fintech VCs
    Fintech Accelerators
    Fintech Hubs

  4. Sources of Fintech Inspiration or Insights:

    Best Fintech Podcasts
    Top Fintech Newsletters
    Fintech Magazines and Blogs to Follow
    Fintech Events

  5. Technology Trends in Fintech in 2022:

    Trending Fintech Technologies
    Top Fintech Solutions or Services
    Fintech Design Trends to Watch

All you need to know about Disruption Guide Fintech

What’s in it for you, what content can you expect, and how you can contribute to the next edition.
What's Disruption Guide Fintech?

Disruption Guide Fintech features major fintech trends, top solutions and services, as well as innovators from leading banks, financial institutions, and fast-growing startups.

More than 30 experts from companies such as HSBC, Citi Private Bank, Spendesk, Penta, and Citi Ventures contributed to the first edition of the Guide, making it one of the most comprehensive pieces about the fintech scene in the US and Europe.

How are rankings in the Guide created?

Listicles presented in Disruption Guide Fintech are created based on reliable industry data such as Statista reports, Crunchbase databases, and industry reports.

Eight categories in the Guide were created based on the results of jury voting. These categories are:

  • Technologies Trending in Fintech
  • Top Fintech Solutions or Services
  • Fintech Design Trends To Watch
  • Most Successful Startup CEOs
  • Corporate Innovators with the Biggest Impact
  • Inspiring Design Directors
  • CTOs to Follow
  • Most Sustainable Fintech Companies
How to contribute to the next edition of Disruption Guide Fintech?
You can nominate experts, companies, trends, or useful fintech resources to be featured in the next edition of the Guide by submitting this form.

Stay on top of the 2022 fintech trends

Disruption Guide Fintech 2002 covers all the must-know fintech trends, crucial industry data, leaders and companies to watch, presented in one easy-to-read guide.
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