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Marcin Szmigiel

Marcin Szmigiel

Senior Ruby on Rails Developer & Team Leader

Latest issue

Do you sometimes feel like you have all the time in the world to catch up on things to learn? Yeah, me neither… Good thing that we have great people committed to showing us the ropes, preparing summaries and crash courses, and sharing their passion 🙂 This issue of Codestories is about all the outcomes of their hard work. P.S. You know that a lot of it comes from open-source? Learn how you can contribute here (you can check out a few example repositories we did ourselves – those are linked later on).
  • Microsoft bet on AI + low-code - Explore how Microsoft's Power Platform is ushering in a groundbreaking era of app development by seamlessly integrating AI-generated capabilities into the domain of low-code solutions.
  • Mendix Adds Powerful AI Capabilities - Mendix's enterprise low-code platform takes a significant leap forward by integrating robust AI and machine learning capabilities.

  • 56+ Critical Low-Code Statistics to Review for 2023 - The article provides a comprehensive overview of critical statistics, trends, and facts surrounding low-code platforms. It discusses the increasing market forecast, adoption in businesses, benefits such as developer velocity and scalability, challenges faced, and use cases.

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Radek Zaleski

Radek Zaleski

Head of Outbound Sales

Radek has over 15 years of experience in working on web projects, both for large corporate clients, and as a CEO.

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