How BNPL is transforming consumer lending

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The meteoric rise of buy now, pay later

Buy now, pay later providers are thriving. More than 170 companies have now entered the BNPL market (data as of October 2021), with new solutions emerging every month.

By 2025, the number of active users of BNPL will cross 76 million in the US. The global BNPL is expected to exceed $258 billion.

  • +170

    Number of BNPL providers worldwide.
  • $258 billion

    Expected value of global BNPL market by 2025.
  • $45.6 billion

    Valuation of Klarna – a key BNPL player.
  • 76+ million

    Forecasted number of BNPL users in the US only by 2025.
  • If buy now, pay later apps can establish long-term relationships with users, they could replace credit cards among Gen Z and Millennials.
    Pawel Stezycki photo

    Pawel Stezycki

    Senior Innovation Consultant at Netguru

What’s behind the success of buy now, pay later?

Successful client-facing digital products need to combine three areas: great user experience, a robust business model, and smart technology. BNPL has managed to connect all these areas.

  • Simplicity of BNPL. The whole experience of using BNPL is seamless and straightforward.
  • Tailored for ecommerce. Initially, BNPL solutions were made for e-commerce – allowing customers to try before paying.
  • Minimal friction. Interaction between a provider and a user to get onboard is minimal.
  • Flexibility of payments. BNPL can be free of charge or low cost for users.
  • Alternative business model. Merchants pay most of the costs which are “hidden” for users.

Here's what you need to know about buy now, pay later

Find answers to frequently asked questions about the buy now, pay later market

What is buy now, pay later?

Buy now, pay later (BNPL) is a point-of-sale financing option that allows consumers to pay for purchases at a later date, often in installments and at no extra cost. While the concept isn’t new, BNPL has exploded in popularity in recent years, particularly among younger generations.

How has BNPL evolved?

The best-known BNPL brands have been on the market for around five to seven years, refining their offerings and expanding their reach. Over the upcoming months we could see more new entrants into the market as companies target different geographical areas and established lenders launch BNPL solutions to defend their positions.

We can already see examples of such strategies, with Chase, Marcus by Goldman Sachs, Citi, and The Commonwealth Bank of Australia building BNPL offerings based on credit cards.

In 2021, we’ve seen the BNPL landscape continue to change rapidly, particularly during the second half of the year. We discuss the current changes in the BNPL landscape in our report.

Which BNPL companies should I be watching?

Klarna, Afterpay, and Affirm led the early charge in the BNPL market, and now more than 170 companies serve consumers in this growing sector.

Although ongoing partnerships and acquisitions continue to change the landscape, after Klarna, Afterpay, and Affirm, these companies are currently leading the way:

  • US: Uplift and Zip
  • Europe: Zilch and Alma
  • Australia and New Zealand: LayBuy and Brighte
  • Middle East: Tamara, Tabby, and Shahry
  • Southeast Asia: Kredivo, FinAccel, Rely, and TendoPay

Expert insights on the evolution and future of the BNPL market

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