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Dagmara Jamróz

Anna rarely reacts to people calling her by her first name, since she’s used her middle name, Dagmara, or even better – Daga, her whole life. She revels in constant change and dynamic environments and for this very reason, she decided to abandon the renewable energy industry and try her luck in the IT sector. That's why she joined Netguru. Out of hours, whenever she does something, she is always fully committed - be it learning multiple languages (her goal is to speak seven of them), cycling and rollerblading countless kilometres or raving for hours on end to some techno or deep house music. She loves to spend her spare time reading her favourite classic 19th century French literature or delving into something new, such as learning programming or taking up violin classes. Keen philharmonic concert, opera and theatre goer, music junkie, vegan, animal rights advocate.

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