About the author

Dominik Oślizło

Dominik is a UX Designer, who enjoys working with Digital Product ideas to build up their Value, and does it by listening not only to Users, but also Business and Technology. He loves working closely with the Client in the atmosphere of openness and mutual understanding. He focuses on ideation and then forging a reasonable plan for solutions that people would love to use and that would maximise the Business value of the Product at the same time. Over the 13 years of his experience, Dominik collaborated on the production of many solutions, ranging from marketing initiatives to complex back office and collaboration tools, heavy-data analytical dashboards, bespoke mobile apps, e-shops, and process-oriented systems. This usually concerned running workshops, working on strategy, wireframing, and agile product development. As a great fan of a right-tool-for-the-job approach, Dominik tends to keep things simple and pragmatic. You may see him stubbornly capitalise the words that he considers virtues in the process of building up the Product Value. He is also a top 1% all-time expert at UX Stack Exchange http://ux.stackexchange.com/users/26026/dominik-oslizlo In his personal life: a father, a husband, and a street photographer.