Introducing GitItBack: The Very First Platform to Track GitHub Contributions of Any Organisation

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Updated Oct 18, 2023 • 3 min read

Have you ever wondered how developers contribute in your organisation? Are you curious how your company stacks up against such big players as Facebook, Google or Netflix?

Or maybe you just want to know how you and your colleagues, as developers, are doing in the organisation? This data was not presented anywhere. Until now. We used the GitHub API to build a platform that will present GitHub stats from any organisation you want. Now, you can verify the most active devs, compare companies, and track contributions in your organisation.

What are the benefits

With GitItBack, you can track GitHub contributions of any organisation you want. It enables you to stay up-to-date with detailed information regarding public GitHub contributions from the past week, including opened issues, PRs, and commits. All data are presented on a user-friendly dashboard with a graph showing the intensity of contributions. You can easily swap organisations and have a peek at your competitors or companies you’re aspiring to match.

The platform can also give a motivational boost to developers in the company and add a hint of competition between them – GitItBack features a ranking showing the most active developers.

On top of that, GitItBack collects data through GitHub API, so you can be sure that you get fresh and reliable data. The system is also very fast. Thanks to the non-blocking I/O model in Node.js that we used in development, you can smoothly switch organisations and compare their contributions with each other.

What’s behind the idea for GitItBack

At Netguru, we take up many internal projects (check out Callio!) to improve skills and learn new technologies, but also to provide added value to the community. We’ve leveraged many open-source repos in our work, so we always want to give something back and show that our developers are active in the open-source community.

We assumed we were not the only ones curious about the engagement of developers inside our own company and other organisations. So we decided to build GitItBack. A team of five developers was involved in the development, and after approximately two months, the app was in production.

How does it work?

Setting GitItBack up is just as easy as using it. You don’t need any configuration or installation. You simply sign in via Github and then select an organisation. Our robots fetch data about all contributions of the organisation’s members, and a moment later, you can see them on your dashboard.

Who’s the busiest developer in your company?

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