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Big Data: Dataset Importing Guide

If you have a project going or plan to start a new one, there's a high chance that at some point, the data that you have gathered will become the most important asset you have. And if there's lot of data that needs to be constantly updated, then it may easily become a terrible headache for you. How to approach the problem of doing regular data imports? Let us walk you through the process step by step.
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A few years back, whenever a business wanted to get in-depth insights from their target audience or industry, they waited weeks for a comprehensive market research report. In today’s fast-changing environment, this kind of report would come too late to make any meaningful business decisions – they’d already be outdated.
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Property Detective (PD) is a “big data” application that provides comprehensive information on the current and predictive quality of life in areas in which people consider living or investing. In 2016 Zoopla invested in PD and merged PD application with one of the biggest online property markets in Europe. Netguru is responsible for full stack software development from the beginning.
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