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A design system is way more than just a buzzword repeatedly mentioned on every design blog. It provides your products with consistency, streamlines the design and development process, and increases productivity. No wonder that the biggest players on the market, like Atlassian, Dropbox, AirBnb, Shopify, and Audi are investing in design systems. Here’s a bit more on what value they can bring to your business.
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Creating a design system is one of the services we offer at Netguru. So far, we’ve created design systems for either enterprise-size or smaller companies. Our approach and process are based on our experiences and the issues we’ve encountered so far. Design systems have been quite a popular topic recently, and when it comes to their creation and development, no global standards have been established yet. This is why we want to show how we approach this subject.
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Many things in the digital world are born out of necessity. That is, we need to find a way to do something in a smoother, more efficient manner in order to create something of higher value.
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