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Disruption Playbook: Innovation

Get strategic insights on innovation from the most successful innovation experts in business today.

Learn from the experience of industry leaders

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Find ways to make innovation more successful

Continuous innovation is essential for long-term success, but it’s not easy. Inside the Playbook, you’ll find easily digestible insights and advice from some of the most successful innovation leaders in the world.

Learn how to find winning ideas and successfully transform them into new sources of revenue, avoid common pitfalls, and nurture an innovative culture.

Whatever stage you’re at with your innovation efforts, Disruption Playbook: Innovation will help you raise your game and move your business down the path to success.

Continuous innovation is essential for long-term success. And with COVID-19 rapidly changing demand, consumer behavior, and the way we do business, the need for an effective innovation strategy is stronger than ever.

To help you do just that, we’ve created this playbook. Inside, you’ll find insights from some of the brightest minds and most successful innovation leaders in business today.
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Radek Zaleski


Practical tips to help innovation flourish

Disruption Playbook: Innovation brings together expert insights on six key topics:
  • Startups and Corporate Innovation

    Get the most out of external innovation opportunities

  • Design Thinking

    Incubate ideas fast and increase the odds of success
  • Breaking down Silos

    Remove the barriers to communication and collaboration

  • Digital Transformation

    Create winning strategies for innovation in banking

  • Failure and Innovation

    Learn to embrace failure in the innovation process

  • Validation and Prototyping

    Make data-driven decisions based on real customer insights

Drive innovation in your business with lessons from industry leaders

  • You need a sense of urgency to overcome silos. If you look at, for example, a war room or a task force, everybody cross-functional is on board. They have one goal – to survive. Urgency also makes people rethink how they work today and how they might work better tomorrow.
    barbara photo

    Barbara Liebich-Steiner

    CDO and Head of Digital Strategy & Solutions at UNIQA
  • In reality, for everyone that works in innovation, failure is just part of your day job. At Deutsche Bank, we start small before we scale, so if phase one fails, we may change the strategy or the way we do things before the next level.
    Nataly Nieves photo

    Nataly Nieves Reyes

    Innovation Specialist at Deutsche Bank Innovation Lab
  • As the organization becomes bigger, it becomes very difficult to manage the silos being formed – even if they are close to the agile methodology, they have their own agile mindset, which is separate from other parts of the organization or other business units. So it's a need for every organization to have the right culture in place.
    Rohit Kumar photo

    Rohit Kumar

    Director, Products and Innovation at Mastercard

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