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Identify opportunities for digital acceleration in your grocery chain

The numbers in online sales are rising, customer behavior is changing, and with the emerging retail trends, shopping in-store or collecting items will no longer be a chore but rather an engaging experience enabled by innovative business models. Winning in tomorrow's retail business means having a leading omnichannel strategy.

Check what you will learn from the Disruption Report about Online Grocery Shopping

The goal of this report is to share insights about online grocery shopping trends and advise how retailers can adapt to them in order to fully leverage the opportunities that appear before them.
  • Online grocery market overview

    Learn about the most common challenges faced by retailers and the impact of COVID-19 on grocery retail.

  • Customers' attitudes

    Get insights about what customers perceive as the advantages as online shopping and what they need to become loyal clients.

  • Solutions for grocery shopping

    Check which new frontiers for innovation in the online grocery shopping are opened by technology.

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To whom we address our report?

This ‘Disruption Report’ on online grocery shopping is aimed at Product Owners, Head of Innovations, and C-level executives from the retail industry who are working on the implementation of cohesive customer journeys. It will enable key decision-makers to have a bird’s eye view of the current market trends, prevailing challenges around sales and delivery, existing gaps within present solutions, and the aftereffects of COVID-19 on the online grocery market.

What research do you find in it?

We built the report by doing thorough secondary research into existing data sources. We collated data from Statista, Forbes, Barclays, and Gordon Haskett, to name a few.

The desk research was followed up by performing qualitative competitor analysis of top solutions from the European and the US markets, in which we examined the top retail chains including Walmart, Amazon, Tesco, Instacart, Żabka, and Glovo to understand their best online practices and digital sales touchpoints.

To delve deeper into online shopping behaviors, we also conducted an exploratory survey with 75 respondents from Germany. The aim of this was to grasp and identify problems with existing online shopping solutions. We used the responses as a foundation for our reimagined Click & Collect solution that we discuss in detail later in the report.

Online grocery market amidst a pandemic

Consumers have started changing their shopping behaviors due to formal guidelines and personal concerns and are now looking for alternative methods to obtain their necessities. In the UK, 30% of shoppers purchase their food and drinks online because of the coronavirus pandemic (source: Statista). A data analysis from McKinsey & Company shows that the number of consumers using online channels, across segments, has increased by 25% overall in the United States.

Changes as more people are willing to shop online to avoid crowded places, we will witness structural changes within the industry and expect a continuous shift in consumer behavior.

Consumers will increasingly have more choice and control than before, which is why customer experience, engagement, and loyalty are more important than ever. As choice increases, loyalty becomes more fragile, and retailers need to act.
Retail Transformation Practice Lead at Netguru

Moritz Spangenberg

Retail Transformation Practice Lead at Netguru

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