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In order to create a successful mobile app for your business you need to think about several crucial aspects during a planning stage such as defining the concept, understanding your users, or conducting market research. A mobile app with excellent user experience can help your business gain brand exposure, improve operational effectiveness, create a new sales channel, and a direct line to your users.  To get the full benefits of a custom mobile app and avoid the most common mistakes business owners make, you need to plan the app’s development properly and take the right steps to test your idea. Here are 11 things to consider before you start developing a mobile app for your business. 
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10 Best Practices in Android App Development

Focusing on app usability, emphasising UI and UX design, choosing the right tools, and assigning essential roles before the project kickoff are just some of the best practices in Android app development. 
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Enterprise Mobile Apps: 8 Pitfalls to Avoid

Technology is advancing at a breakneck pace. Industries from healthcare to insurance are being disrupted by digital technologies, with many companies using new innovations to enhance their competitiveness and drive growth. 
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Google began sending emails notifying about the coming changes in the Google Play Store policy. Starting from November 1, 2018, every app uploaded as a new application or an update of a previously launched app has to target Android Oreo (API level 26) or higher.
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