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Webflow Developer

Job offer from Product Design department for regular and senior-levels applicants from Poland and Remote EU.


PLN 14 400-22 000/month

Before Tax (Long-term contract (B2B))

PLN 12 000-18 400/month

Gross (Contract of employment)

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At Netguru, we're all about helping innovators and entrepreneurs shape the world through beautiful software. That is our mission.

With employees from 15+ different countries, we've worked with over 800 clients from more than 50 countries. To name some of them: OLX Motors Europe, UBS, Careem.

But we're not just another tech company. As a Certified B Corporation®, we're dedicated to creating an inclusive environment for all, and we take our commitment to sustainability seriously.

  • Required skills: Webflow, RWD, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WCAG, Figma
  • Perks: one-time PLN 1000 home-office bonus for B2B contractors, and PLN 175 monthly lump sum (ryczałt) for remote employees, Multisport card, private health insurance, discounts on Apple products and more!
  • B2B/UoP: 20+ paid days off


Interested in joining us? Great! Before you apply, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Required skills:

  • min. 2 years with Webflow, at least 5 commercial projects;
  • ability to develop both static and dynamic (CMS) websites in Webflow;
  • good understanding of Responsive Web Design (RWD) & relative units;
  • intermediate-level HTML
    • Ability to build simple and complex web structures,
    • Good understanding of web box model, semantics, HTML tags and elements;
  • intermediate-level CSS
    • Ability to create and work with custom CSS breakpoints,
    • Ability to write custom CSS animations and interactions,
    • Ability to write custom CSS styles;
  • minimum basic understanding of JavaScript (JS) and jQuery
    • At least the ability to manipulate JS scripts to adopt it to the project needs,
    • Logical thinking. Focus on finding or figuring out logical solutions to problems;
  • ability to create custom sliders (swiper.js, splide.js or other JS library);
  • ability to use Webflow apps or 3rd party solutions to extend native Webflow functionalities:
    • Apps: Hubspot, Outseta, Optibase, Finsweet table,
    • 3rd party solutions: Finsweet attributes is a MUST;
  • familiar with WCAG guidelines and best accessibility in web practices;
  • familiar with design tools such as Figma (especially with Figma’s dev-tools);
  • good understanding and proven experience with Client-First
    • Able to prove their knowledge (by introducing at least 2 projects based on CF);
  • prior experience with Relume stack (sitemap & wireframe generator, components base);
  • prior experience building websites for international clients;
  • good communication and presentation skills;
  • open-minded, business oriented;
  • a real low-code advocate, open to support in growing the whole Webflow practice, not only working as a Webflow developer;
  • open to seek and recommend the best solutions to meet project goals;
  • fluent English (C1).

It would be nice if you also have:

  • Wized
  • Experience working with Outseta and/or Memberstack
  • are familiar with other common Webflow frameworks (MAST, Knockout, Saddle, Lumos)
  • GSAP, Motion-one, Anime.js
  • Svelte, Typescript
  • Devlink
  • Good understanding of HTMx
  • UX/UI skills, related to Webdesign,
  • Experience working with open APIs,
  • Webflow’s Membership, Logic experience,
  • Webflow's e-commerce experience.

You will be:

    • Implementing simple websites with Webflow platform, and developing custom, complex websites using Webflow & custom code;
    • Planning CMS architectures, creating complex CMS databases and template pages;
    • Integrating Webflow sites with 3rd party tools;
    • Estimating time required for Webflow development;
    • Validating tech-requirements towards Webflow implementation and suggesting best low-code solutions;
    • Working closely with Design and QA teams.

Perks & benefits:

  • Access to the WorkSmile platform, offering benefits adapted to your preferences.

  • Discounts on Apple products.

  • One-time PLN 1000 home-office bonus for B2B contractors, and PLN 175 monthly lump sum (ryczałt) for remote employees.
  • Various internal initiatives: webinars, knowledge sharing sessions, internal conferences.

If you require any disability-related adaptation at any step of the recruitment process – simply let the recruiter know! We'd be happy to help.

Don't hesitate and apply right away.

Here's what you can expect from the recruitment process:

  • First, we'll review you portfolio and resume.
  • Next, you'll meet with one of our recruiters to get to know each other better.
  • If everything goes well, you'll be invited for final online interview.
  • In the last step, we will guide you through some paperwork and document verification, and make sure you're all set to join us smoothly.

Don't hesitate and apply right away.

Any questions? Talk to Hania!


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