A Smooth User Journey for the Car Leasing Platform of Poland’s Largest Bank

Creating a smooth user journey for the clients of Poland’s largest bank looking to lease, rent or buy a car.
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In the ever changing environment, banks and financial institutions are emphasizing services beyond traditional bank products.

PKO Leasing wanted to offer its customers new and better ways of leasing, renting and purchasing cars. To do that, it needed a website that would not only offer a wide array of financing options and a range of cars to fit every need, but also a level of user experience far above what’s available in the sector.

Taking the lead on the Polish car leasing market

PKO Leasing is the largest leasing company in Poland, offering a broad range of leasing products and services to enterprises and corporations. It belongs to PKO BP Group, Poland’s biggest and oldest provider of financial solutions. PKO Leasing strives to innovate with the goal of offering their clients the best experience through both traditional and digital channels.

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Creating unparalleled user experience

PKO Leasing wanted to launch a brand new car-leasing platform that would allow their clients to choose from a wide range of vehicles to lease, rent or buy, as well as a variety of financing options, all in one place. The company needed to develop a website that would provide outstanding user experience and a safe environment for its banking products.

The Full Product Design Journey

Netguru joined the project at the very beginning of the development process. Our mandate was to develop the website from scratch, making sure to implement all the crucial functions while offering a great user journey. We were responsible for the UX and UI, user testing, as well as branding and product design sprint that helped to shape the product and business.

The process consisted of the following steps:

  • Workshops
    We started by getting to know our client’s needs and concerns, including the risks that we could come up against down the road. Altogether, we ran two workshops. During the first one, we focused on the platform itself and its key characteristics: the Unique Selling Proposition, potential audience, and the information architecture.

    The second workshop revolved around branding and naming. We created a new strategy of how the new product should be perceived by its users. Eventually, we established the voice and tone of the brand, and narrowed down the list of possible names. All these were tested using focus groups.
  • Benchmarking
    We created extensive benchmarking of Polish and foreign platforms that offered similar services. This knowledge informed the vision and best practices for the platform.
  • Thought leadership on establishing the fundamentals of the platform
    We guided the client through the fundamentals of the platform’s architecture so that it could incorporate all the essential functions and be ready for easy upgrades in the future.
  • Branding and Visual Language
    We were responsible for all aspects of initial branding, starting with the name, and established a coherent visual identity of the brand, including the logo, colors, initial fonts and key visuals.

    We created user flows and wireframes, and the full UI, aligned with the branding and best practices in the industry.
  • Usability Testing
    We ran a series of usability testing sessions with specially recruited users. The feedback allowed us to make adjustments and improve the platform before the launch.

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"Excellent workshop management and execution – the quality, the agenda, the team chosen for the workshop – very well thought out processes."

Tomasz Otto PKO BP

Tomasz Otto

Head of Strategy & Marketing at PKO Leasing leading automarket.pl


The Automarket platform is practical and user-friendly, making the process of car financing a breeze. All financial transactions made through it are secure.

The platform is designed with expansion and scaling in mind. PKO Leasing already has plans to expand dealer partnerships to be able to offer their customers the widest possible range of vehicles.

I was impressed with the orderly manner of the project, how quickly you can see the effects of the work, and the final result that does not differ from the results of the world's best brands.
Tomasz Otto PKO BP

Tomasz Otto

Head of Strategy & Marketing at PKO Leasing leading automarket.pl

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