Backend and Frontend Development to Build a Prospecting Tool for Salespeople

AI-powered solution for sales representatives
client show image intelligent prospecting provides Artificial Intelligence-powered tools - prospecting, chats, scheduling - to enhance business productivity.


The founders of Fortuna are business developers themselves, and they came up with the idea for the product to make the lives of sales people easier with software. Their digital product is aimed at solving the following challenges:

  • Reducing the number of tools they use while prospecting.
  • Lowering the number of mundane tasks done by sales representatives.
  • Automating the outreach process with Artificial Intelligence.


The founders of Fortuna turned to BitCraft (now Netguru) to help them build Intelligent Prospecting, a tool that would allow smart and easy prospecting on portals such as Linkedin. The team started creating a Chrome extension that would help sales reps find detailed contact information about ideal customers. The project involved the following steps:

  • Conducting a scoping session with the client, when we established the basic scope of the upcoming project, created an MVP, and planned the next steps and milestones.
  • Choosing the right technology stack for the solution, which was Python on the backend, and JavaScript on the frontend of the application.
  • Applying agile methodologies in product development to make sure we meet deadlines and budget restrictions.


Three months after the project kickoff, the team delivered the ready solution, which was a Chrome extension. Intelligent Prospecting became one of the most important products of, together with intelligent conversations, and intelligent scheduling. The major achievements included:

  • Improving the tedious process of prospecting done by sales representatives.
  • Delivering an effective tool in a fast and efficient way.
  • Building a product that was easy to use, and widely appreciated by the end users.


  • 3 months to deliver the product
  • $35K funding amount
  • 5x more leads with the tool
  • 3 team members
The team has been absolutely wonderful to deal with. Their professionalism and dedication have made them our go-to team for any development work.
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Asad Naeem

Co-founder & President

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