Designing a Music Sharing App in the MENA Region

Developing a platform for music sharing
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Netguru took over the project with the aim of building a platform helping discover underground musicians in the Middle East and North Africa.


  • Adjusting the scope of the project to the actual business needs of the client after a detailed project review.

  • Providing a Google Chrome extension with the features needed within a very screen space-limited interface.

  • Creating the possibility of adjusting the extensions to work with different language versions, including Arabic.


Taking over the project from another team and creating a plan for progressing the app's design.

  • Designing mockups and a media player prototype with a set of functionalities to test designs before starting to work on final versions and animations.

  • Creating a custom typography and a style guide based on the client’s previous product.

  • Implementing a top-notch JavaScript (JS) code plugin to control the music player.


The client was very pleased with our work and was willing to start another project with our team.

  • The team expanded the suggestion system and implemented machine learning capabilities to adapt to users' behaviour and preferences.

  • Design services and experienced business development consulting.

  • Redesign of the system architecture, display interfaces and interface design to make it easy to follow, intuitive and aesthetically pleasing.

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