77% Increase in Page Speed for a WordPress Meal Delivery App

Redesign, bug fixing, and the optimization of a meal-ordering web app.
Redesign, bug fixing, and the optimization of a meal-ordering WordPressweb app

About this project

Powermeals is a meal-delivery startup that had a working WordPress web application in need of improvement. The Netguru team performed a UX audit, prepared and implemented redesigns, as well as optimized the backend code. Results of the cooperation: improvement in performance scores, faster page speed, minimization of manual interventions.


Web app development
WordPress development
Product design


Food and beverage, retail

Powermeals is a meal-prep and meal-delivery startup from Switzerland. It provides and delivers ready-to-eat, healthy, and balanced meals prepared by an on-site chef. They offer various subscription models.

Customer-facing web app in need of enhancement

We helped them redesign and optimize a meal-ordering web app based on the WordPress CMS. As a crucial element of the Powermeals business, this web app is the main place where customers explore the offering and manage their orders.

Before Netguru had entered the project, the app was a working MVP that required bug fixing, optimization, and new features.

Powermeals app

Detecting issues and tuning up a WordPress web app

Powermeals needed a reliable tech partner to make a positive business impact by focusing on the most critical areas for improvement.

In order to meet the client’s expectations, we undertook the following steps:

  • Performed a user experience audit and synthesized the findings into a report
  • Prepared new designs for various sections of the application based on findings from the audit
  • Implemented the new designs along with new meal plan subscriptions
  • Introduced new functionalities, including a back office option to block deliveries on holidays and refer-a-friend functionality
  • Improved meal filtering options to be more robust, including tags to filter products based on allergies and dietary restrictions
  • Refined troubleshooting by adding an anomaly-flagging script with automated email notifications

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To fulfill the needs of the project, we organized a team to take technical ownership of the project and execute delivery, consisting of:

  • Project Manager
  • Senior QA Engineer
  • WordPress Developers
  • UX Designer
  • Product Designer

Additionally, we created a business and growth roadmap with support from our innovation consultants.

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Streamlined performance, smooth design, delighted customers

From February 2021 to June 2022, we delivered:

  • Full report from UX audit to inform future decisions
  • Preparation and implementation of new designs for various sections of the application
  • Anomaly-flagging script that identified bugs in subscription renewals, payments, and other critical areas
  • Reduction in bugs to less than 2 per week thanks to the anomaly-flagging script
  • Minimization of manual interventions with 95% of orders going through automatically
  • Improvement in performance scores to catch up with competing apps
  • Faster page speed, from 9 to 2 seconds
Netguru team were a joy to work with. Every team member is a real expert in their field – from designers to developers to project managers. They did a great job of understanding our needs and taking our website to the next level.
Isabel Acland, Chief marketing officer at Powermeals

Isabel Acland

Chief Marketing Officer at Powermeals

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