Providing a Scalable Tech Team to Build a Tool Comparing Insurance Products

Providing a world class development team expansion for a fintech rising star
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PolicyGenius is a Brooklyn-based FinTech startup making an impact on insurance markets.

They are growing fast and needed to introduce new feature to their platform.


  • Competition on the NYC FinTech market.
  • The need for flexible development that mirrors the dynamic FinTech environment.
  • Meeting the world's highest quality and performance standards.
  • Delivering projects to market on a tight deadline.


Netguru developers know PG's software, team and culture. They joined the workflow immediately. Their role is not limited to completing tasks – they actively participate in the decision-making process.

  • Adding new talent into PG's development process.
  • Facilitating direct communication between teams.
  • A development team leader with perfect knowledge of the product.
  • Providing the basis for easy team expansion on demand.


After Netguru built features into the PG platform, we handed the new functionality on time to PG's internal dev team, allowing them to keep up with the pace of the company's business growth.

  • Successfully competing in a market worth billions of dollars.
  • Attracting $21.5m in funding.
  • The ability to get complex projects done in a very short time.
  • Access to a qualified and scalable talent pool.


  • 3 rounds of funding
  • 51.1 mln USD raised
  • 800,000 users
  • 728.6 billion USD market

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