Introducing a Full-Scale Development Infrastructure for a Retention Grid

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For every early stage startup, speed of growth is the key element of success. The hardest part? Not losing quality along the way.


  • Maintaining fast growth.
  • New features needed to be developed frequently without losing quality.
  • The ability to scale up or down fast was crucial.


Retention Grid partnered with Netguru, trusting that our best practices would ensure top development speed and predictability.

  • Netguru took up the task of introducing a full-scale development infrastructure.
  • Fast iterations and deployments for quick feature delivery.
  • A full project team, with a project manager and quality assurance specialist.


Retention Grid serves more than 9,000 e-commerce businesses in 59 countries. These businesses manage over 20 million consumers in 187 countries.

  • A mature, component-rich product: smart filters, A/B testing, multiple integrations and APIs served.
  • Featured in key media by top e-commerce marketing experts.
  • Funding for the project was secured.


  • 9467 number of customers
  • 187 number of countries
  • 3 years
  • $174M revenue created
Netguru is an important part of our ability to maintain fast growth. Not only do we have a fantastic set of talented engineers working as part of our team every day. But, the entire 'Netguru system' adds so much value in supporting project management, QA, infrastructure support, code quality reviews and great process. Netguru’s support allows our CTO and Head of Product to focus on core business and allows me to focus on product strategy and our growing base of new customers.

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Kevin Dykes

Co-Founder/CEO at RetentionGrid

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