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If you're interested in how to drive AI innovation in your company, then this newsletter is for you. Every Tuesday in your inbox, you will get my best attempt at answering two questions:

How are companies using AI? The most interesting startup, scaleup, and enterprise uses of (generative) AI.

What are the nerds up to? Projects from the basement, from the bleeding edge, the ones that give us a glimpse of what the future of AI will be like.

Written and curated by me – Kuba Filipowski, CEO and Co-founder of Netguru.

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What are the companies and the nerds doing with AI?

The amount of news about AI is overwhelming. There's so much noise that it's hard to find the stories that matter. That's why I created the AI'm Informed newsletter.

Subscribe and every Tuesday you'll get an email update on how companies around the world are using AI to boost ROI, as well as what's going on in the farthest, bleeding-edgiest, nerdiest corners of the AI industry.


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We've finally reached a point where AI can solve a significant amount of the cognitive tasks that computers previously weren't great at. It's one of the most exciting technologies of my lifetime.
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Kuba Filipowski

CEO & Co-founder at Netguru