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The coronavirus is here to stay for months or years on end. The world is slowly emerging out of the global lockdown. If we can predict what the world will look like and how people’s behaviours will change, we could adapt to the new reality or even become the leaders of the new world. That’s why I’ve decided to keep on writing quite a lot about COVID-19 in this edition of the newsletter. 
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Five years ago, Yuval Noah Harari published his Homo Deus. In a nutshell, the book's about how we – as a species – have tamed the elements and became gods. In the face of the raging pandemic, which has demonstrated how inadequate our institutions are, I think that Harari's ideas haven't aged all that well. I've decided to start writing the newsletter again to put all that's happening into a perspective and share my notes about it. This pandemic is the most significant and the strangest event that I've experienced so far, and I'd like to understand it and experience it mindfully.
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I wrote a bit about Uber's competitive advantages, the electrification of the motorization and finally I shared some interesting links. Read more below.  
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Social media has become the main way we discover art, Apple is milking their user base through services, Zuckerberg is asking to regulate social media, The CEO of McDonald’s says that the company is undergoing a transformation from mass marketing to mass personalization.  Read more below.
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🔥 Human face of technology #20

Instagram in art; Apple services; McDonalds Digital Transformation; Zuckerberg wants to regulate social media; Google Stages; Software in the cloud.
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🔥 Human face of technology #19

The newsletter took on a bit of a different form today – let me know what you think of it.
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