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Jul 23, 2015 • 11 min read

When you’re a part of a fast-changing community, it’s easy to fall into the FOMO gutter and struggle to get out.

To keep you up-to-date with the most relevant news and the highest quality startup content, we’ve prepared this list of 36 resources for all startup folks.

When you’re a part of a fast-changing community, it’s easy to fall into the FOMO gutter and struggle to get out. So much information, so many websites, communities and blogs - and so little time! The trends, strategies, tools and technologies change so quickly it's hard to stay on track.

To keep you up-to-date with the most relevant news and the highest quality startup content, we’ve prepared this list of 36 resources for all startup folks. No matter if you’re a one-man band novice or a growth-focused pro with the A team at your side, jump in and pick the ultimate content mix.

Advice, resources, tips

Let’s start with a few portals that give you the essentials of startup know-how. Brought to you by serial entrepreneurs and investors who have been there and done that for long enough to be recognised as an authority. So, why not learn from the best?

Growth, management, and more

  • CrunchBase Info. Who will know better about the startup community than the startup community hub? CrunchBase Info will help you enrich your event agenda (take a look at their monthly calendars) and give you well-crafted articles based on the latest business data.

  • Venture Hacks. Updates are posted not that frequently, but still a must read from AngelList founders. These articles will give you a real inspiration boost!

  • Global Small Business Blog. If you’re an ambitious small business owner whose dream is to go global, this blog run by Laurel Delaney (since 2004!) will provide you with tons of read-worthy articles and guides.

  • EpicLaunch. As an educational resource for startup owners, the EpicLaunch blog is the place to be for any startup entrepreneur in need of inspiration. Perfect for an easy-read during your coffee break.

  • Product Hunt. An insanely inspiring geek space. Product Hunt is a network for owners to share their newly released tech products and vote for the ones they love most.

  • Dutiee. This portal features insightful articles regarding social startups, marketing ideas, funding, and startup culture.

  • Netguru blog. With a few years of experience in business development and management under our belt, we decided to share the know-how we’ve gathered so far, and thus we do - bringing regularly published content designed for tech startup insiders.

  • Startup Lawyer. Do you feel lost in the maze of legal jargon and regulations? Startup Lawyer run by Ryan Roberts will help you understand all the essential terms and procedures to help you feel more steady in the startup ecosystem.

  • The US Federal Trade Commission. If you’re based in the US and thinking of running a franchise, the Federal Trade Commission website is a must-read. That’s where you will find all the necessary legal regulations on franchising.


  • Duct Tape Marketing. An endless resource of small business marketing know-how brought to you by John Jantsch, the globally renown writer, speaker and consultant.

  • KISSmetrics Blog. If you’re a self-made website content manager, then the KISSmetrics blog is a must read for you. You’ll find plenty of tips and tricks on website design, content, online marketing and other hot topics. Specialite de la maison? Infographics!

  • Copyblogger. These experts in creating websites with mega high conversion rates will teach you the ins and outs of online copywriting 101, discussing its various elements in different contexts. From broad topics such as content marketing strategy to meaningful details like captivating headlines - you’ve got to read it all. Editor in chief: Sonia Simone.

  • Chic CEO. Don’t be fooled by the sassy name! Chic CEO founded by Stephanie Burns by is a website designed to empower female entrepreneurs, but the content you will find there is versatile in the extreme. It offers loads of relevant materials on business management and promotion.

Top business magazines online

Perhaps you don’t find yourself queueing up for the daily newspaper every morning, but taking a glimpse at the latest headlines might actually be a good idea. Let’s hit the electronic newsstands. These titles go far beyond startup topics.

  • Forbes. Updated a couple times a day, Forbes brings you the latest news from the business world and advice from industry experts.

  • The Economist. In its online version, The Economist takes the form of a news portal focused on world politics, economics (no suprise), business and technology.

  • Harvard Business Review. A real goldmine of insightful content, Harvard Business Review features articles written by business authorities with indispensable expertise.

  • Entrepreneur. A web portal dedicated to all things connected with business entrepreneurship, publishing various types of articles: from 5-minute quick-reads to extensive reports.

Words from industry gurus

It might not be possible for all of us to invite Gary Vaynerchuk for lunch or have a coffee break with Neil Patel, but - luckily - these thought leaders use the power of content to provide regular advice and expertise in their social spheres.

  • For Entrepreneurs. In his all-about-business blog, David Skok, a serial entrepreneur and investor uncovers the secrets of effective business management with a particular twist for SaaS.

  • Steve Blank lets you in on some business management insights with this one-of-a-kind startup inspirer. The inventor of the Lean Launchpad concept.

  • On Startups. Run by HubSpot founder and CTO Dharmesh Shah, this blog brings insightful content about the software startup ecosystem.

  • Seth Godin will help you keep a positive mindset and grow your business consistently along with his thoughtful blog posts.

  • Quick Sprout. Hosted by Neil Patel, this blog publishes both his own and guest articles about growth hacking. Full of infographics, step-by-step tutorials and useful tips. Lots of them, actually!

  • Richard Branson's blog. A pleasant-to-read yet thought-provoking blog by an industry giant that needs no introduction to anyone who hasn’t been hiding under a rock for the last 20 years. Great content to start your day with.

  • CDixon. An experienced co-founder and investor Chris Dixon shares his thoughts and outlooks on startup management, backed with fresh statistics and insights.

  • Tom Tunguz. A serial entrepreneur and partner at Redpoint Tomasz Tunguz brings you a daily portion of his thoughts on entrepreneurship, with a strong flavour of stats and data. Juicy and delicious!

Travelling entrepreneurs blog

The boundary-free life of a business nomad is a dream to many startup founders. It may seem hard to actually do it yourself, but you’ll find a helping hand from these bloggers, sharing their experiences and advice while exploring the globe and running businesses. Bon voyage!


If you don’t really have the time to search for captivating news and content, subscribing to a newsletter is a great choice. Get your daily, weekly or monthly digest of the most valuable reads out there.

  • Foundersgrid. A weekly portion (10-30 links) of growth guides delivered straight into your inbox.

  • Founder Weekly. Founder Weekly gathers valuable articles, guides, events and other interesting content for entrepreneurs. Curated by Rahul Chaudhary.

  • Startup Digest. Sent out by UP Global, this newsletter gives you a selection grouped into 30 available reading lists and gives you event news based on your location. How convenient!

  • Foundcy. Check out what founders around the web have read and get a daily set of links worth a glance.

Content aggregators

Do you want to know what similar readers come across during their search for amazing content? These websites are link directories updated every minute. Beware, they can be more addictive than Facebook, but if you tame your inner urge to check for new stuff every 15 minutes, you’ll get plenty of great reads in return.

  • BizSugar. Everything you need to know about running a small business.

  • Startup Subreddit. Startup zone is probably the most famous content aggregator out there, with no-fluff articles and industry discussions worth participating in.

  • Inbound.org. A community for inbound marketers featuring loads of startup oriented content. Also, they run lively “Ask me anything” discussion panels including tech industry influencers - definitely worth looking into!

  • Hacker News. All things tech business in one place.

  • Medium on startups. Medium is a blogging space aimed at connecting people with inspiring stories, knowledge and news. Anyone can start writing and create their own blogging space garnished by tasteful, minimal design.

A treat from YouTube

  • Blog and Grill. A frequently updated channel featuring interviews with successful entrepreneurs (including famous faces such as Gary Vaynerchuk or Guy Kawasaki). Hosted by Alan Quarry.

We hope this post inspired you to find some web spaces with content you’ll want to read with pleasure! If there are any other sites you think are worth a look, don’t hesitate to drop a link in a comment. Looking forward to your suggestions!

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