A Thank You Letter To My Project Manager

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Marcin Stecki

Updated Jun 13, 2023 • 2 min read
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Dearest PM, It’s been only 3 hours since the last iteration, and I already miss you.

You know, how you do that thing, where you explain to the client what I wanted to say, but just couldn’t? I love that about you.

Or how, unlike those others PMs, you don’t just slip in every feature because its “important”. You care about me! And oh, how good you are at dividing features into small chunks so that I can manage it and see my progress.

I appreciate how you make sure everyone is on the same page and communicating clearly. It’s easy to talk to you. Everyone can express themselves freely around you, and that’s just amazing.

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I love how you ask me to report on my work every now and then, but on my own terms, without unnecessary meetings and without the ‘bossy’ approach I hate so much. I’ve heard about project managers that think they are the master and commander - and I’m very glad you are not like that.

I know how much pressure you face, making sure the tracker is up to date, letting the client know when I have vacations, or making them provide me with more information when I’m not sure what they want me to do.

For all the small things that you do to make everyone, including yours truly, happy and productive, thank you so much.

See you soon, Yours Always, - Developer

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