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Updated Jul 3, 2023 • 7 min read
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Let us tell you a story about a small startup that once only dreamed of growth and scaling up…

and then succeeded on such a level that it even developed a full-fledged community of its own - in a way that extends far beyond the business itself.

The very beginning of the company and… the birth of a culture

Yes, this company is Netguru. And yes - we started just like any other company - as a cultural blank slate. But as the size of our team grew larger, this is when the magic began to happen:

1. Significant values emerged.

Values that have become the core of our organization and now navigate our everyday actions. When in doubt, we base our decisions on these important yet intangible assets. Why? Because they steer us in the right direction - towards self-improvement and becoming the cutting edge standard of software development.

2. Communication standards and collaboration practices appeared on the horizon.

We’ve figured out how to cooperate in the most effective, pleasant and respectful way. And it doesn’t matter whether we’re talking to each other in person or remotely - by online chat or via email. We stick to our standards.

3. Social norms developed.

There are some unspoken rules for how we behave and treat one another in order to ensure that all our employees feel comfortable, welcome and needed. The way that we coexist is super important to us, since work is such a huge part of our lives. We try to make it as enjoyable as possible.

4. Common expectations and goals began to surface.

We work together on certain endeavours and also set common objectives. By striving towards the same goals, this helps us achieve excellence. And this is not something that we have to remind ourselves about, time and again. It’s become something that we feel deep inside our professional nature.

5. Our rituals and traditions naturally became a part of our everyday lives...

...not just during so-called “working hours”. We do a lot of things together, both at work - and occasionally during our free time. Our rituals and traditions are what allow us to get to know each other better, while focusing on the things that matter most. They help us relax, unwind and simply have a good time.

netguru culture book

That’s how our community was born, along with our company culture.

And speaking of the devil... we know how hard it is to comprehend “culture” precisely. So we’ve started defining it through all of the things mentioned above. This is what makes up the entire Netguru atmosphere, with the combination of our explicit vision and core values serving as a cornerstone.

But mere awareness of our unique culture is no longer sufficient. Our community has grown to 850+ employees in less than 12 years and it’s still expanding, so it has become crucial - now more than ever before - to put it all down in black and white.

This is how the idea of writing down on paper everything we’ve developed over the years (and value so much!) came to being.

netguru culture book

The birth of the Netguru Culture Book - for better understanding, more tangible experiences, and pure inspiration

We’ve now reached a point in our story where we realize how important it is to:

  • solidify the organizational culture of Netguru, so we can make our company a place where people really want to work and improve,
  • engage with our newbies even before they join us, to help them feel safe, welcome and excited at the same time,
  • share our culture with our potential employees, so they’re able to decide for themselves whether they identify with our values.

We designed the Netguru Culture Book as a way to properly introduce and present ourselves. We did it by listening to our colleagues and writing down everything they had to say about our specific environment. Although each experience is unique, there are some strong common threads - and they have been precisely indicated in the booklet.

netguru culture book

So… the Netguru Culture Book has been born. What’s next?

To put it simply, the Netguru Culture Book aims to:

  • inspire our current employees,
  • facilitate the onboarding process for newcomers,
  • inform potential applicants who are thinking about joining us,
  • serve as a source of interesting insights for everyone else.

The first three segments of our target audience are pretty obvious, but the last one may be a little puzzling, so allow us to explain.

Our booklet isn’t just a bunch of interesting facts about us and our company - it’s also a source of really valuable knowledge. Knowledge that is priceless, both in terms of team-building issues and management-related problems. So, if you’re even slightly business-oriented or just curious about how it all works - this book may be something you’ll want to read.

netguru culture book


To sum it all up, here’s what you’ll find inside the Netguru Culture Book:

  • get a sneak peek into our organizational structure and strategy,
  • learn which values we cherish the most,
  • discover how we evolve and improve every day,
  • find out how we manage our team-building process,
  • see what we do for fun after hours.
  • What is our vision and what are the aspects we focus on in our work
  • How you can grow with us
  • How we combine working on ambitious projects with taking care of our impact on sustainable economic model

It’s a fascinating and eye-opening read, full of actionable insights. It tells the story of a small company that wasn’t afraid to dream big - and how it grew on such a massive scale, all the while never forgetting to always put people first, taking care of each and every one of their employees, regardless of the role they play.

And you can be a part of this story as well. Are you ready?

Download the Netguru Culture Book!

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