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Pure Earth is a New York-based international NGO acting to clean up global toxic pollution. For the past two decades, the non-profit has been solving pollution problems in low- and middle -income countries. During this period, Pure Earth has received three consecutive four-star ratings from Charity Navigator, plus support and guidance from key international institutions, including the United Nations, the European Commission, and the U.S. Agency for International Development. Today, through the use of technology, their actions can be even more visible and impactful – all thanks to the Report Pollution app that they’ve built together with Netguru.
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Snowflake is a data-warehousing platform we use at Netguru to create outstanding and profitable big data products for our clients. The startup based in San Mateo (California) has just received a $479 million late round of funding. The newest series raises the capital to $1.42 billion, and more surprisingly, boosts the company's valuation to $12.4 billion. Snowflake has just entered the exclusive list of the top 20 most valuable global unicorns (privately held tech companies) and the top 10 most expensive US unicorns. What makes Snowflake so special?
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