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If I ask you to give 5 reasons to participate in an IT project - what would they be? If the project were commercial - probably money and fame. The technology stack and industry seem to also be important factors. In case of open source initiatives, we would probably count Github stars and LinkedIn publications as well. What if I told you I just experienced a different perspective?
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Netguru obtained the B Corporation™ certificate granted to organizations whose previous business activities have been verified in terms of their positive impact on society and the environment. The company has joined the community of over 3,200 companies in the world that have committed to developing a sustainable economy model. We would like to use it as an invitation for other organizations to join us and drive the global movement of using business as a force for good.
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Snowflake is a data-warehousing platform we use at Netguru to create outstanding and profitable big data products for our clients. The startup based in San Mateo (California) has just received a $479 million late round of funding. The newest series raises the capital to $1.42 billion, and more surprisingly, boosts the company's valuation to $12.4 billion. Snowflake has just entered the exclusive list of the top 20 most valuable global unicorns (privately held tech companies) and the top 10 most expensive US unicorns. What makes Snowflake so special?
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