Leveraging Generative AI for Growth Opportunities for a Digital Platform

Dedicated AI workshops for the leadership team at AMBOSS, a leading digital platform for medical professionals
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About this project

AMBOSS is a subscription-based educational platform for medical professionals. The company turned to Netguru for support in leveraging AI for strategic projects and preparing an AI Hackathon for over 100 employees.


AI Primer
Digital Acceleration

AMBOSS, a leading provider of medical learning resources and tools, consistently seeks innovative approaches to serve its growing customer base.

AMBOSS is made for doctors, by doctors. Their smart patient care translates into time-saving solutions that make day-to-day tasks much easier for physicians, med students, and other medical professionals. Their vast question bank for exam preparation, educational materials, diagnostic tools, and medical calculators greatly speed up diagnosis and effective patient care.

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AMBOSS decided to explore AI and generative AI solutions to boost several strategic areas of its operations, including its search engine and content creation processes.

The company turned to the Netguru consulting team to:

  • Identify trends and opportunities within the AI landscape that could easily be leveraged by AMBOSS.
  • Co-design the upcoming AI Hackathon to align with the company's strategy and goals.


AI Primer Session for the Leadership Team

As the first step in designing the concept for the AI Hackathon, Netguru ran a one-day AI Primer workshop.

We shared our helicopter view on the latest trends and potential use cases of AI and data science in the healthcare and edtech sectors. This served as a starting point for guided brainstorming with the AMBOSS leadership team.

At the end of the session, AMBOSS came up with a ranked list of impactful problem statements and use cases to guide the AI Hackathon.

While ideating on potential use cases for the AI Hackathon, we followed the AMBOSS team's guidelines. It was crucial to factor in the risk of AI hallucinations to avoid putting the highly trusted brand at risk.


AI Hackathon Overview:

The event, spanning three days, brought together over 100 AMBOSS employees across product, engineering, commercial, and medical teams. It was a burst of creativity and cross-department collaboration, with:

  • 30 innovative AI-centric ideas pitched
  • 14 internal teams formed
  • several feasible prototypes developed.
  • We believe that leveraging AI will help us further impact our strategic mission of empowering doctors as well as strengthen our key operations. Thanks to Netguru's expertise, we mapped key areas for experimentation with generative AI, aligned with our growth objectives and strategy.
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    Aadeel Peerally

    Director of Product Management at AMBOSS

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