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Apps for Good is an NGO that partners with educators to deliver its technology learning courses to young people between 8 and 18 years of age.


Its courses are available to teachers through a dedicated e-learning platform. As a part of their growth plans the organisation’s leadership decided to revamp Apps for Good’s core software.

  • Designing and developing new features, including the People’s Choice Awards - a platform where the open public can vote on students’ projects.
  • Designing, developing and choosing the right CMS system for the teachers’ courses platform. Implementing it in several country-specific versions.
  • Implementing a student dashboard on the basis of previously written code.


Netguru was chosen to develop a platform that allows teachers, students, and volunteer experts to engage and facilitate technology teaching. Apps for Good was already a complex project operating on a large scale since 2012. On top of that, the project had been developed and maintained by several different teams over the years.

  • After the initial scoping session, Netguru provided a full stack development team able to jointly work on the development of the platform, as well as the improvement of application’s UI.
  • Alchemy was suggested and later implemented as the CMS of the AfG platform.
  • The project’s front-end code was reorganised using the BEM approach. A custom Bootstrap style structure was implemented.


Apps for Good is helping more than a thousand schools and ten of thousands of students around the globe every year. After three years of cooperation, Netguru is still one of its main tech partners.

  • The Netguru team has created a tailored interface suitable for different groups of users (teachers, students, and the volunteer experts).
  • The updated version of the platform’s modules dedicated to educators was released on time and within budget, receiving great feedback from the community.
  • A platform for browsing through courses was re-implemented and adjusted to country-specific versions.
  • The cooperation between Netguru and Apps for Good continues.


  • 3 years of cooperation
  • 100K + students reached since 2010
  • 1,375 industry experts in 40 countries
  • 5 team members
Netguru’s designers understood our user needs and their developers were passionate, skilled and conscientious about the work and project goals. Total partner engagement!

Ruairí Doyle

Former Head of Product

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