Creating an Advanced Comparison Tool to Monitor Investment Funds

Making investment funds comparison accessible to everyone
fundco app layout

FundCo wanted to create an advanced comparison tool from scratch.


The company was searching for a full-stack solution. FundCo’s data provider is Morningstar, one of the world’s most developed database systems. This means that in order to make the tool efficient and convenient for users, a smart application architecture needed to be created.

  • Creating a user-friendly, modern design and implementing it in FundCo’s web application.
  • Integrating the tool with Morningstar’s API without losing the application’s speed, efficiency and flexibility.
  • Making sure that the app’s performance is stable and that it is regularly updated.


Backend was prepared by Netguru team of Ruby on Rails consulting experts, frontend was designed in Ember.js, tackling the complex integration with Morningstar’s API within an ambitious time frame. In the meantime, our designers created a flawless user experience backed with beautiful graphics.

  • Implementing the integration with Morningstar's databases without impeding the system’s ability to process various complex comparisons simultaneously.
  • Implementing PostgreSQL as the main database management system.
  • Implementing Sidekiq as the background job solution for constant data updating.
  • Creating custom, modern brand identity assets from scratch.


FundCo’s MVP is up and running. The company expects to grow its current customer base to 1000 beta users. FundCo’s elegant platform makes it easy to find the desired investment funds and compare them on multiple levels. The tool displays current and historical data, as well as chart data.

  • The MVP has been completed within an ambitious time frame.
  • Flawless UX and UI solutions have been implemented.
  • The initial feedback is promising; a marketing campaign is to be introduced.
  • Cooperation between Netguru and FundCo has been successful and continues. The full version of the platform is expected to enter the market in June 2018.


  • 27 designed screens
  • 1000 beta users planned
  • 8+ months of cooperation
  • 16 team members
  • We’re extremely happy about our cooperation. You guys have done a great job – and we’re still partners, which speaks for itself.
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    Donald Philp


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