Ruby on Rails can help you develop high-performing applications fast

Powerful and battle tested technology for your web application

Ruby on Rails gives you powerful pre-built features to launch your app fast 


Choosing the right technology for web development is a challenge that every business has to face – the right choice will give you a solid base for business growth. RoR's comes with an Object Relational Mapping System for data and logic in addition to an 'Out of the box’ routing and application management to help you get moving fast. 

Build applications in record time to fuel ideas and innovation 

Ruby on Rails lets you create complex and innovative ideas quickly:
Build innovative prototypes fast

Enterprises can build MVPs and prototype extremely quickly to develop brand new ideas for market or create powerful internal tools to help with digital transformation.

Be secure and compliant

Ruby on Rails can help you become PSD2 compliant and is equipped with all the functions necessary to enable complete security for your application and clients.

Easy and intuitive maintenance

Using the DRY principle allows your RoR developers to separate concerns making maintenance far easier – developers adore it for its beautiful syntax and clients love it for the speed of development if offers.

Launch new features easily

Rails makes use of the Model-View-Controller philosophy that promotes the modularity and extensibility of your web app meaning that no matter the complexity, it can quickly be extended with new features.

Property Detective secure over 31m users on 3m data points with a robust Ruby application

The challenge of integrating Property Detective with the market leader Zoopla

Property Detective wanted to create a big data solution for property buyers – the idea was to provide buyers with comprehensive information on current and future quality of life in areas in which people might consider living or investing. 

See the Case Study or read the story.


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We were working with world class developers, specialized in the technology that suits us best, and it seems by some coincidence they were living just across the street from our office although actually they were in another country.

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Ruby on Rails delivers highly-scalable web applications through a versatile framework

RoR is the perfect solution for many businesses including Hulu, Slideshare, GitHub, Shopify, Groupon and AirBnB. Let’s work together!

Ruby is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language that is dynamically typed and utilizes metaprogramming to create fully functional applications and leverages the power of 'gems'.

Ruby on Rails (RoR)

Ruby on Rails is an open source web application development framework based on the Model-View-Controller architecture. It enables the fast deployment of complex projects as well as ongoing maintenance and support.

Core Systems and MVP

RoR's versatility makes it suitable for Public Websites, Single Page Applications through to complex Enterprise Core Systems – a few lines of code can achieve results that would require a lot more time and effort in other languages.

API Integrations

Get tools for building an API on the backend which can communicate with the client side – it’s a great solution as it makes development far quicker and more cost-effective. It delivers source code that is clear, concise and easy to maintain. 

Launch your app with battle-tested technology that has powered the web since 2004

Choosing the right technology can make the difference between success or failure once your product is live – Ruby on Rails has been trusted by big names including Twitter. 

Discover the top 34 companies using RoR in 2019.

Ruby on Rails consulting and development team

Our Ruby on Rails web development specialists deliver source code which is efficient, concise, readable, maintainable and clean. Netguru can help you with test driven development for web services and web-based apps.

We build scalable solutions and implement new functionalities within your existing web app or help with optimization.

Our RoR app development team, together with rails consultants, build web applications in a short time to help you launch your MVP as soon as possible.

Our methodology

A professional external development team should be Agile – at Netguru, we strive to be completely transparent with clients – we share our style guide, our internal documentation, and code review practices, because we believe in sharing our knowledge and building trust.

Highest standard in tools and practices

We’ve put together a list of some of the best tools we use at Netguru:

  1. Github: it contains our code repositories. We take advantage of all its powers and have made Git our default distributed version control system.
  2. Circle CI: it’s our default continuous integration tool. It tests all new changes to the code and, depending on results, deploys them to the staging or production environment. It also performs security checks.
  3. Jira: our default task and issue tracker, perfectly crafted for Agile needs.
  4. Rollbar: we strive to maintain exceptionally high code quality, but sometimes something unexpected happens on the server. To catch such exceptions, we use Rollbar. It tracks errors so that we can reproduce them and quickly fix them.
  5. CodeClimate: it's our default choice for maintaining code quality. It measures our code against various metrics such as simplicity and code coverage
  6. Slack: it’s our go-to communication tool, so it was only natural to try and get more out of it. We have connected notifications from many other tools, and now, we know immediately when something happens on production servers (notification emails serve as a backup).    
  7. Security: in our projects, we use bundler-audit and brakeman gems by default to spot all security issues as fast as possible (security checks are performed each time in CircleCI). It’s really important to keep all libraries up to date and spot all potential security pitfalls.

The hidden value of good Ruby on Rails team

Measuring the value of such tools in US dollars is actually an easy task – here are some calculations:





Git repository hosting service

Keeps code organized and helps with developer resource sharing


Continuous Integration

Test and deploy applications easier


Project management and tracking tool

Helps keep clients and teams on the same page


An aggregator for site errors and bugs

Quick warnings and descriptions of errors to resolve site problems fast


Automatic code quality checks

Provides grades for code quality and how it has improved over time


Instant messaging and video calls

Communicate ideas internally and with clients


Environment for testing

See your app live from the first days of development 

Total monthly cost:


Leverage highly experienced RoR developers

It often doesn't make sense to invest in your own team before you even have proof of concept for your product – working with an external software development team is the cheaper option.

You don’t have to provide office space, equipment, and testing equipment – none of the material elements necessary for building an app. You can also forget about recruitment costs. You don’t need to worry about software and a test infrastructure. You can skip trying to gather the exact set of skills necessary for your project – a good agency will also offer Devops, backend and frontend development, UI and UX design, as well as product and graphic design.

We are proud to be in the Top 20 Companies using Ruby on Rails in 2019 

With over 10+ years experience using Ruby on Rails and over 100+ engineers in our team we are proud to be recognized as one of the top 5 companies using RoR in 2o19 by Techreviewer.

Our partners about the cooperation with Netguru


"The design phase was excellent. From the start, we applied user centered thinking. Netguru understood our needs and their developers were passionate, skilled and conscientious about the work and project goals. That's a level of involvement I haven't seen before – total partner engagement!"

Ruairí Doyle
Former Head of Product at Apps for Good
Solaris Bank
"I know from my experience that Netguru is used to work in remote settings, where your clients trust that you will try to build things in the way they like to have it, even when you are not present in their offices. I am happy to say that so far it worked tremendously well for solarisBank"
Peter Grosskopf
CTO at solarisBank

"We've worked with Netguru for several years now – perhaps longer than any other company. Our partnership is built on trust and mutual respect. Their engineering and design teams have enabled us to focus on building a great product for thousands of accommodation owners"

Anna Silovsky
Marketing Executive at Inn Style
Years on the market
People on Board
Projects Delivered
Our Current NPS Score

Delivered by Netguru

We are actively boosting our international footprint across various industries such as banking, healthcare, real estate, e-commerce, travel, and more. We deliver products to such brands as solarisBank, PAYBACK, DAMAC, Volkswagen, Babbel, Santander, Keller Williams, and Hive.

How can Ruby on Rails help my business grow

Here are answers to some of the most common questions asked by our clients: Let’s work together!

Why is Ruby on Rails good for quick development?

Ruby is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language that is dynamically typed and utilizes metaprogramming to create fully functional applications and leverages the power of 'gems'.


Ruby on Rails is an open source web application development framework based on the Model-View-Controller architecture. It enables the fast deployment of complex projects as well as ongoing maintenance and support.


Combining these two things allows you to effortlessly create full applications in just a few lines of code. 

How can Ruby on Rails help with prototyping and MVPs?

An MVP is a critical milestone in modern digital product development.

Enterprises often struggle to develop prototypes quickly due:

  • Team restrains
  • Siloed processes
  • Lack of data

It's easy to delay launching new products or internal tools because of these restrictions. 


Ruby on Rails was made to kickstart beautiful and fully functional MVPs fast due to the pre-built functionalities it offers called 'gems' in addition to it being a highly-readable language, almost like reading normal English. 


Combining a highly experienced team with the above factors lets any business prototype and diversify their product range fast. 

Why should I optimize my existing Ruby application?

The basic aim behind refactoring is fix code problems but keep its current functionality.


Refactoring makes the code more readable to the developers working on it. It’s then easier – and cheaper – for them to continue developing and maintaining your product.


A ‘refactor’ means a single change in the code. To make or do a refactor means to introduce a particular fix which, in accordance with the above definition, enhances the code’s quality.


Here are some extra reasons to do it, if you weren’t convinced already:

1. Scout’s Rule

If you think about it, making errors when coding is inevitable. Maybe there are geniuses out there who always write clean and flawless code, but if so, they are rare. You can’t expect super-human performance from your development team, and you have to accept that their mistakes will be part and parcel of the development process.


Just like refactoring, fixing those mistakes is a part of the process.


If you see a code fragment that could have been written better, improve it. Immediately. If you don’t do it often enough, your product will suffer as current risks lead to future problems.

2. Improved Understanding of the Product

Refactoring helps developers understand how the product works and what it’s supposed to do.


They are more engaged in the project, can easily delegate tasks to other developers (who should now have no trouble reading and working with more understandable code), and can take full advantage of others’ work thanks to, for instance, clearer methods. It’s best to put everything a developer needs to know into the code, so comments and remembering a lot of information become unnecessary.

3. Better Information Architecture

Clean code means that developers can easily see which fragments hold the most business value.


Actually, clean code means developers can more easily spot separate elements in the code. You might think it should be obvious from the beginning which functionalities will matter most, but that’s a fallacy. It’s something you need to learn anew for every product you work on, because every product is different.

4. Lowering Costs

Projects get really expensive when you need to fix legacy code months or years down the line.


With regular refactoring, developers find bugs more easily, which means a smaller QA budget and fewer hours spent on scrutinising the code by developers themselves. There will be no need to constantly go back and fix something that has become a blocker. By preventing problems from occurring rather than reacting to them, you will be able to achieve faster development. And obviously, the development work is the most expensive part of building a digital product. 

To learn more about refactoring with Netguru click here

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