Faster Development With Consulting for a Data-Intensive Finance App

Hello, I’m Dobot, a new financial app that makes it easy to budget, save and invest for the things you care about.
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My Dobot is a mobile personal finance advisor. The San Francisco and Denver based startup chose Netguru for world-class Ruby on Rails consulting for the data-intensive application.


  • Creating a useful finance advisor bot.
  • Building a data-intensive application.
  • Directly managing a user's bank account.


Netguru is involved in every aspect of My Dobot's development (dev/PM/QA). When necessary, My Dobot developers can reach out to colleagues from other teams.

  • Merging with My Dobot's team.
  • Scalable architecture to add new features as needed.
  • Introducing bank level security.


My Dobot is coming out of the proof-of-concept stage and is gaining market traction. The bot helps users save money for what they really care about.

  • Warm reception by early adopters.
  • Quick roll-out of new features.
  • Access to a scalable, high-quality development team.
We are working with front-end and mobile developers, but my resource from Netguru is one of the best developers I've ever worked with. I have been a development manager since the early 2000s, but Netguru's developer has stood out as exceptional. Netguru has a large group of senior developers to which he can go and consult whenever he runs into a problem. We've enjoyed the benefit of this as well.

Eric Spery

SVP Technology

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