Upgrading a Web App for Parents Looking For Childcare

Web app for parents looking for quality childcare
Poppy app interface

Poppy is a management platform for babysitter recruitment in Seattle, US. Netguru was responsible for creating a dashboard monitoring candidates' progress.


  • Creating an intuitive and useful dashboard for monitoring the progress of caregiver candidates.
  • Building a recruitment administarion panel for processing caregiver registration by families seeking childcare.
  • Upgrading and deploying an app within a very tight deadline.
  • The client was not experienced with third party development teams.


The project focused on upgrading the app's backend and design based on the client's needs. It helps parents find the best childcare available.

  • Creating and implementing a process flow for the recruitment of caregivers and for family sign-up forms and accounts.
  • Delivering requested features within the deadline.
  • Creating a full recruitment process from scratch to fit the client's needs.
  • Extensive quality assurance to make sure the new features work seamlessly.


The app is responsive and fully functional. Caregivers can register and provide information that helps match them with families searching for someone who could take care of their children.

  • Additional features help manage users' accounts.
  • Caregivers and families to define time slots in the availability calendar. Based on this information, Poppy's team can see who can be booked instantly.
  • Thanks to functionalities introduced by Netguru, candidates can prepare a video presentation of themselves and legally upload documents.


  • 5+ years of childcare experience
  • $8 per month of membership
  • $20+ per hour for caregivers
  • 3+ screening references

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