A Major App Relaunch to Expand Into New Markets

A redeveloped Rails platform for an online booking service
a main page of an booking application and the UK map

Campsited.com is a Dublin-based startup providing an easy way for campers and holiday seekers to find and book campsites, tours and holiday parks.


  • Scarcity of local tech talent and the lack of a scalable team, coupled with the need to control development costs.
  • Development of a booking engine tailored for holiday parks.
  • Attracting users with look and feel.

Netguru's team started working on Campsited.com in October 2015. In March 2016, a new redesigned version of the application was released, which enhanced Campsited's ability to get more financing.


  • Building a remote Ruby on Rails consulting team and scaling the team size to meet the cleint's needs.
  • Creating a highly customisable platform.
  • Redesigning the app's layout.


The app was designed with true passion for camping and offers good value to users.

  • Successful relaunch helped build on an existing user-base.
  • A stable and scalable development team became a foundation for adding new features.
  • Campsited expanded into new markets, such as the Netherlands.


  • 1,350 campsites
  • 83 percent of local market
  • 5 months for a complete relaunch
  • 10 people
  • In Netguru I have my dedicated team - developer, quality assurance specialist and PM, and one of them is practically always available. I like the communication methods and processes in Netguru. The overall feeling is that Netguru are not a different company but a part of one Campsited team. Another great thing is flexibility. When we were nearing the release date of new Campsited I could have up to 5 developers working at the project at the same time. Now we're down to two. This couldn't have been done internally without a remote team.

    Finan O'Donoghue

    Founder and Director at Campsited

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