Delivering a Clickable Prototype Fast to Test an Initial Idea With Investors

Delivering a clickable prototype fast to test the initial idea with investors
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Vendr creators have noticed a potential niche on the market.

They realised that companies struggle with handling numerous request for proposal processes, especially when working on multiple projects.


They came up with an idea for a web app that would simplify the process. They wanted to quickly test the prototype to verify the concept before investing time and money in actual development.

  • Testing the business idea fast before going to the market.
  • A prototype ready to be presented to investors.


Netguru's design team leveraged InVision to create a clickable prototype with 3 dashboards in only 3 weeks. Thanks to great communication within the team, the work went smoothly, without any blockers or problems.

  • Defining problems that organisations face with RfPs.
  • Creating a final prototype that could be pitched to potential investors.


Thanks to our hands-on approach and agile process, the mockup was ready to present to potential funders in less than a month.

  • The prototype helped the founders verify whether they were going in the right direction.
  • The founders saved time and money that might have been otherwise spent on a hopeless product.
  • In a very short time, they received feedback about their business idea that they could apply in future projects.


  • 2 stages
  • 3 dashboards
  • 2 project members
  • 3 weeks to finish project

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