Developing a Performance Benchmarking Tool for Businesses

Performance benchmarking tool for business
benchify - website design

Benchify is a startup developing an automated human resources solution for commercial businesses, non-profit organisations, and government agencies.


  • Limited technical capabilities of the founder.
  • Platform had to be developed fast and within budget constraints.
  • Supporting a non-technical client throughout the whole development process.


Full service, bespoke software development with additional services.

  • Creating the product from scratch using Ruby on Rails and MongoDB. The platform is hosted in Germany.
  • Owning and supervising the whole process of project management, development, quality assurance, and application support.
  • Careful planning and managing of the features roadmap in order to stay within the allocated budget.


The client considers the cooperation with Netguru a major success.

  • The platform was completed in six months and within the budget.
  • Users and internal stakeholders alike have been very impressed with the stability and performance of the solution.
  • Client maintains an ongoing relationship with Netguru and praises the company.


  • 13,013 monthly visits
  • 4 project members
  • 272h to finish project
  • 18K+ Behance community views

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