Development of Mobile App With Custom Cancer Detection Algorithm

A React Native app that helps preventing risk of malignancy of lung nodules
Oncimmune healthcare mobile app

Oncimmune is a leading early cancer detection company. Their patented technology can detect autoantibodies produced in response to cancer, allowing their tests to detect cancer up to four years earlier than current methods.

Oncimmune has already sold over 150,000 simple blood tests for early lung cancer detection. One way that Oncimmune does this is by providing their tests to doctors who have patients with a lung "spot" or nodule.

To go one step further and make early cancer detection even faster, Oncimmune decided to create an application that would help doctors quickly calculate the probability that their patients have lung cancer. It was not an easy project, and there were many challenges ahead of them.


Building a mobile app for calculating the risk of lung cancer

This project had clear but truly demanding goals. The company needed to find a technology partner that would design a mobile application in line with their brand book and later translate the designs into a ready product that would perform well on devices used by the target audience.

Netguru took this challenge and joined Oncimmune's fight against lung cancer. We were tasked with incorporating the algorithm for calculating the patient's risk of having lung cancer and then turning it into a working product. The final product was supposed to provide doctors and their high-risk patients with a simple and easy-to-use tool for early cancer diagnoses.


The best tech solution to create an unfailing app that will save lives

Oncimmune turned to Netguru because we offered a complete service – from building wireframes and designing screens to coding a mobile application. During the scoping session, the Netguru team verified the client's needs and requirements for the application.

We recommended React Native as an optimal solution that would facilitate building such a product efficiently. The process consisted of a number of well-planned steps.

The first phase was focused on building wireframes and designing user interfaces that would enable users to calculate the probability of cancer with a few clicks. When this part was ready, all designs were uploaded to Zeplin to verify how the components should be styled, and to do it quickly and efficiently.

Our team was developing apps for both iOS and Android simultaneously and checking how they perform across different devices concurrently. This project also included designing additional marketing visuals that would illustrate how the app works.


6 weeks to release the product, 2 operating systems, 6 app screens, 4-people strong team

Building an app in React Native took only six weeks, which included the design and testing phases.

The client could immediately test the application of screens that the target audience would use. Thanks to the rapid prototyping in React Native, Oncimmune could also obtain feedback about the application from doctors and patients almost instantly. The final product is really simple, intuitive, and visually appealing – the user can learn the likelihood of having cancer just by answering a few questions.

Cooperation with Netguru

The cooperation between the teams went smoothly and according to plan. After six weeks, the app was ready for release, Oncimmune was able to begin the promotional efforts and focus on business goals. The partnership with Netguru enabled the client to introduce the app to the market quickly and thus start saving more lives threatened by lung cancer.

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