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Improving user experience during shipment
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parcelLab is a Munich-based startup that, after making a splash in the German market, recently opened a London office.


parcelLab develops two main products: tailored delivery notifications and a custom track & trace page. The company wanted to fill a niche in the ecommerce market and improve the customer journey during the shipping process thanks to their innovative solution. Their main challenges after building a product were:

  • Getting through with the message in the overcrowded e-commerce industry.

  • Showing the shops that there is something they can still improve, and it's not just another recommendation system, but a new field that they didn't think of improving before.

  • Building brand awareness in the niche and developing demand for their product.


parcelLab was preparing a campaign aimed at different sectors of e-commerce. They needed compelling, elegant and useful landing pages for the owners and managers of different online shop categories: fashion, home & living, consumer electronics, and brands & products.

The company turned to Netguru to help them promote the campaign and attract new clients from different industries. The process included:

  • Creating visually appealing designs for landing pages that would resonate with different audiences

  • Translating designs into fully interactive and engaging landing pages.

  • Using top-notch tools with to deliver the highest quality.


The team delivered customised landing pages that can now attract new customers. parcelLab delivery notifications are useful for the customers, as they want to be informed about their order, and include relevant marketing and product information. They generate opening rates of over 70% and click rates of over 30%, and the traffic drives repurchase rates.

  • Online fashion retailer Marc O'Polo was able to generate an additional 65,000 customer touch points resulting in a 0.4% repurchase rate.
  • Fashion and sports retailer 11teamsports increased their revenue by 19 percent in just two years.
  • Weltbild, one of the biggest online book retailers in Germany after Amazon, has reduced their return rate by up to 5 percent since it started using parcelLab.
  • parcelLab has won a substantial part of the German e-commerce market and has recently opened a new office in London.
  • Almost a third of the top 100 German online shops use parcelLab.


  • 19% revenue growth for 11teamsports
  • 5% return rate decrease for Weltbild
  • 65k additional touch points for Marc O'Polo
  • 70% opening rate for parcelLab notifications
  • We needed compelling, elegant, and useful landing pages for the owners and managers of online shops from different categories: fashion, home & living, consumer electronics, and brands & products. That's why we turned to Netguru. Your team did a great job and delivered some excellent web design.
    Janik Lipke

    Janik Lipke

    Head of Marketing

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