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I really like Angular! At the time most of the well-written websites were MVC applications, Angular 1 was a huge revelation to me Yes, there were older frontend frameworks such as Backbone, but Angular was the first one that made a real difference. I could compare it to the first iPhone – there had been ideas, there had been attempts too, but finally, someone made it just right. Over several years, I did many projects using Angular or Ionic, and when the time came, I switched to Angular 2, which was even better in my opinion. Those days, as the frontend part of my developer’s stack, Angular was safe to me and provided a comfort zone.
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Recently, I’ve dived into Angular more deeply, that is I’ve created a relatively straightforward project using Angular as the center of the technology stack. There are plenty of fairy tales about Angular, and some of them present Angular as pure evil. While there are some aspects I don’t like about AngularJS, Angular is much different. As you might see, I use various namings where AngularJS is the so-called Angular 1 and Angular is any major release that has come out after AngularJS. I’ve selected a few reasons that convinced me to become fond of Angular.
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