A Mobile App MVP for Invoice Management Software Built in 16 Weeks

Bringing expertise and best practices of mobile development to accelerate and simplify the invoice approval process
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About this project

Candis is a Berlin-based startup offering invoice management software dedicated to financial teams. The client wanted to meet its customers’ requirements and offer a dedicated mobile app to complement the digital invoice processing system.

We built a dedicated team ready to take responsibility for the MVP development lifecycle, build the product, and support and consult with the client during the whole process.




About the product – a convenient invoice processing tool for large financial teams

Candis offers an AI-powered, invoice processing software that eliminates a large chunk of manual accounting work. The web application is able to fetch invoices from email messages and extract all payment-relevant information, giving finance team members visibility into the data and simplifying approvals as well as other financial processes.


Client’s challenge – building a user-centric app having no in-house mobile development team

When Candis approached Netguru, they were providing their customers with a web-based application. Responding to their needs, Candis wanted to build a dedicated mobile app to allow their users to process invoices even faster, more conveniently, and on the go.

To this end, Candis asked us to build a mobile app MVP to complement their core web platform. More specifically, the customer expected:

  • An MVP of the mobile app, with the complete invoice processing flow and notification system that would make the approval process even more convenient for the customers.
  • Enabling of 2-factor authentication (2FA) in preparation for Candis Wallet – a credit card processing feature to be implemented both on web and mobile apps.
  • Delivery of the product within the estimated timeline.
  • Bringing expertise and best practices of mobile development.
  • Taking ownership of the entire app building process.


The solution – a team of experts to take responsibility for the MVP development lifecycle

To deliver on the client’s needs, Netguru provided a team of experts ready to develop the mobile application and take ownership of the development process.

The team consisted of React Native developers, a project manager, and a Quality Assurance expert.


  • Candis received the mobile app MVP (available on both Android and iOS) within the requested time frame of 16 weeks as well as within the specified budget.
  • The client received a full-fledged tool that allowed it to fulfill its customers’ needs: they can now process invoices anytime, anywhere, and faster than before.
  • Thanks to the mobile app, the average invoice approval duration decreased from 3-4 days in the web application to below 2 days for approvals done in the mobile application
  • The mobile app has around 2000 iOS and 400 Android users
  • The monthly approvals number (via the mobile app) is 1200
  • 2FA was enabled, allowing the addition of the Wallet functionality for both web and mobile platforms.
  • Full support and expertise were provided with regard to defining the product roadmap, features, choosing tools, technologies, and processes.
  • The Netguru team integrated smoothly with the client’s organization while maintaining the autonomy required to deliver the high-quality product.


Our process

Since the client asked Netguru to take ownership of the project, the dedicated team approached the development process in the following stages:


  • Defining business objectives and establishing metrics of project success
  • Specifying roles and responsibilities, as well as clarifying expectations
  • Specifying the toolset to use in the project and assigning action items to get things done
  • Drafting an action plan and mapping areas to be discussed during Sprint 0

Sprint 0 focused on product discovery and tool setup

  • Defining expectations related to particular project areas
  • In-depth discussion of the key issues
  • Creating goals and backlog for the sprint

Development phase (further divided into short feedback loops)

  • Weekly iterations (sprints) that concentrated on clearly defined business deliverables
  • Daily demos
  • Continuous discovery and development through bi-weekly refinements
  • Ensuring high quality and a smooth process for each release


  • Group testing sessions that took place before each upcoming release

MVP release phase

  • Subsequent product discovery
  • Development updates
  • Further releases

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