Newsletter #100 - HealthTech in the Workplace, 22 Lessons for Startup CEOs and Founding a Startup in Eastern Europe

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Updated Mar 6, 2023 • 6 min read

This issue of our newsletter is pretty special. We’ve brought news and opinions tailored for entrepreneurs and tech-oriented people exactly a hundred times today.

Thank you for sticking around, and let’s see what the next one hundred issues bring! In the current edition, you’ll meet the fastest growing American innovators, find out what health tech can do for you in the workplace, and learn about mental toughness by example. Happy reading!

Meet the Most Inspiring Companies of 2018

Inc. 500, are the fifty hundred fastest growing innovators transforming their markets and disrupting the American economy. Their total collective revenue went over $200 billion in 2017. These names are clearly worth knowing. Read more

Eastern Europe for Entrepreneurs: The Good, the Bad and the Hustle

Moving to another country to start a company is a special sort of challenge, particularly in Eastern Europe, where entrepreneurs have to deal with issues unique to their corner of the world. Vlad Calus’ story is an inspiration. Here’s a man who’s believed in his business from day one and succeeded despite many challenges – a disbelieving and unsupportive family included. Read more

How HealthTech Is Improving Wellbeing in the Workplace

According to surveys, the worst health issues people experience while working in an office are stress, lack of focus, sleep deprivation. and low energy. Often, the technology we use every day gets the blame for causing these issues. But what if technology could keep us healthier in the workplace instead? Read more

Oracle Open-sources Graphpipe to Make it Easier to Deploy Machine Learning Models

Graphpipe’s goal is to “make it easy to serve machine learning models in the cloud made by popular frameworks like TensorFlow, MXNet, Caffe2, and PyTorch”. If all goes well, developers might be able to skip building APIs to deploy AI models thanks to Graphpipe, which is available for free on Github. Read more

How You React to Your Mistakes Is What Defines You

Did you know supermarket shelf space is sold to house products, a bit like real estate? Did you know what one of Netflix’s biggest mistakes was? It’s easy to make mistakes when running a business – due to inexperience, lack of knowledge, or for any other reason. What’s important is what happens immediately after. Read more

12 Things Mentally Strong People Do that Nobody Else Does

Mental strength is a must when running a business or when working at a fast growing company with a culture of exceeding expectations and sticking to ambitious goals. Luckily for those of us who’d like to become a little bit tougher, there are ways of achieving this, such as learning to say “no” and remaining grateful for even the smallest successes. Read more

The 22 Lessons for Any Startup CEO. How to Deal with Customers, Product, Engineers, Family and More

If you ever find yourself managing a 45-person company with $0 funding, you might be interested in this man’s advice on how to make it work. Patrick Campbell of ProfitWell is a fount of knowledge, sharing bits of advice like how to keep the best talent at your company by living frugally or why to adopt a ruthless approach to your team’s high performance. Read more

Hopefully, this week’s edition has made you feel at least a little bit as nostalgic as we’re feeling! 100 newsletters is a lot, and we’re glad you’ve been through this journey with us. Let us know if you’ve liked the 22 entrepreneurship lessons and what you thought about healthtech.

And remember we’d be delighted to work with you! Check out our careers page or get in touch directly, because we’re always on the lookout for awesome talented people :)

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