Netguru Newsletter #76 - Going Serverless, Using ICO and Understanding Industry 4.0

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Updated Apr 6, 2021 • 8 min read

Did you know you can reduce the cost of hosting your app to around $0.03 per month? Are you familiar with the terms “ICO” and “industry 4.0”? Have you noticed the rise of Eastern Europe’s startup hubs? Keep on reading to learn about these and other fascinating trends, tips, tricks and advice for tech entrepreneurs.

Kickstarting Your Business without Servers for Free: A Practical Guide to Serverless

Serverless, the new buzzword and popular trend. But what does it mean and why are DevOps teams so excited about it? Simply put, it’s a new approach to cloud architectures that lets you seriously minimise the cost of hosting your app. Read more

10 Things You Need to Know about Successful Companies in a Digital World

Tech startups are often answers to our modern way of life, but they also change the way we live and work. Find out who “the Four Horsemen of Tech” are, how they affect us and whether or not their influence will decline. Read more

WTF is an ICO?

The “Initial Coin Offering” is a transaction type that has been gaining popularity recently and has become a recommended choice for launching a new cryptocurrency. Should you use it? Read more

Sorry, But the Future Isn’t Voice, Either

According to Edd Wilder-James, the “war for voice” may well be going on, albeit pointlessly. With Alexa, Google Home and Siri vying for popularity, we are tempted to use them and see what the whole fuss is about. But when is it really practical to use voice commands? Read more

Ultrahaptics: Killing the Button with Minority Report Hand Gestures

The hand gestures from Minority Report are certainly impressive. Ultrahaptics, however, have gone a step further - they removed the gloves from the equation. The next step? Killing the button. Read more

Industry 4.0: A Breakdown On Startup Driven Innovation

Smart factories - what are they? What does “the digital transition in manufacturing from embedded toward cyber-physical systems” mean? Find out in this comprehensive introduction to the new industrial approach. Read more

How Eastern European Tech Entrepreneurs Are Drawing Global Interest

Global investors are now more interested in experienced tech entrepreneurs from Eastern Europe. The volume of investments has increased more than tenfold since 2012. Find out why and which countries are the most promising. Read more

Is My Data Safe in Online Drives, Or Should I Back It up As Well?

Dropbox and Google Drive are convenient, but is the data kept in them safe? You can never assume that it is. See Schofield’s Second Law of Computing if you don’t believe me, and take action to protect crucial data. Read more

CEOs Reveal the Best Advice They’ve Ever Got

Watch this motivational and educational video in which CEOs share the best advice they have ever received. The tips they share are easy to apply, but not obvious enough that you’d know them without hearing them from someone. Read more

How to Instantly Reduce Stress, According to Science

Stress isn’t created by your environment - it’s all in your brain. Find out how to relax and focus in less than ideal conditions to boost your productivity and just feel better. It may be a temporary fix, but it works. Read more

How To Decide On The Right Kinds Of Internal Meetings For Your Business

Meetings. “According to Atlassian, employees attend an average of 62 meetings per month,” says Chuck Cohn in this article. How many of them can be considered productive? Apparently, only about half. Find out how to avoid this problem in your company. Read more

6 Non-design Reasons Why Your Webpage Has Poor Conversion Rates

We usually blame design for low conversion rates, but what if I told you that the problem often lies elsewhere? Check out our list of potential issues that might be lowering your conversion, from long loading times to jarring errors, and find out how easy they might be to fix. Read more

8 Tech Gadgets Under $250 That Will Make Your Life Easier

You won’t be able to live without some of these once you start using them. Others are just too cool to pass up. If you like tech gadgets, you’ll enjoy this list of inspirations for your next shopping spree. Read more

Hopefully you’ve found helpful information in this issue of our newsletter, either in the form of advice from CEOs, a list of potential problems to solve or important news about the ever-changing tech industry. If there’s anything that needs clearing up or elaborating, I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have :)

Also, feel free to take a look at our careers page or drop us a line at We’re always on the lookout for awesome new talent.

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