Netguru Newsletter #78 - Space Tech, Burn Rates, Robotic Feet and Business Growth

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Updated Jun 26, 2024 • 10 min read

Things are getting exciting for millenials in Europe, as work & travel becomes more popular and extra roaming fees are no more.

This issue of our newsletter includes these news as well as fantastic advice on saving money as a tech startup, determining your burn rate and dealing with company-wide crises. Happy reading!

You May Soon Own Chinese Stocks Without Even Knowing It

After avoiding this for years, “index creator MSCI finally chose to include mainland Chinese companies trading in Shanghai and Shenzhen in its influential Emerging Market Index”. We’re talking about the $7 trillion Chinese stock market. It’s a huge opportunity for investors in the US. Read more

A Different Kind of Space Race: How Far-Out Tech Changes the Way You Live

Innovation in tech tends to get a major boost from the arms and space races. “Long-distance communications, solar energy, artificial limbs, memory foam and household smoke detectors all were first used in space.” So what’s next? Read more

What the Heck Is… The End of EU Roaming?

Great news for those of us who travel for business and/or leisure! Extra roaming fees in the EU are no longer a thing. Check your mobile operator’s website for more information, but the gist is this: travelling abroad in the EU is now cheaper. Read more

HuMoTech’s Robotic Feet Make It Easier to Test Drive a Bunch of Different Prosthetics

Finding a fitting prosthetic isn’t easy, as it’s never certain how it will affect the patient’s mobility until after it’s procured and tested. Thankfully, patients don’t need to settle for living with sub-par prostheses: HuMoTech’s research is there to help. Read more

MongoDB Launches Stitch, a New Backend as a Service, and Brings Atlas to Azure and GCP

MongoDB has two new products to announce: Stitch and Mongo Charts. They also deliver news regarding their database-as-a-service offering. Stich is particularly interesting as it’s a slight deviation from MongoDB’s database current services. Read more

Why Startups Must Look at Marketing as a Customer Service Extension

Most businesses have long broken the silos separating sales and marketing, forced to do so by common sense and customer expectations. But the game rules are constantly changing and to stay ahead, you’re going to need to work on true customer experience. Read more

You Don't Need a Vacation. You Need to Work Like You're on Vacation

Telecommuting, either as freelancers or as an employee of a modern company, is more than fashionable. Everybody seems to be doing work and travel, using the flexibility to create unforgettable memories. Eric Mack suggests that this type of work pretty much replaces vacationing. Read more

How to Determine What Your Company's Burn Rate Should Be

Do you know your risk tolerance? How much cash can you burn every month as you make investments to build your company? Use these tips to find out. Read more

10 Ways a Software Development Company Should Handle Developers' Failures

A recent Reddit thread about a young developer wiping all their new employer’s data has spurned discussion on how a company should safeguard itself against such disasters. Spoiler alert: not by punishing well meaning employees for genuine mistakes.

The Role of Positive Relationships in Starting a Business

Starting your own business is an exhilarating and harrowing experience. How to succeed where so many have failed? It turns out that one of the major factors contributing to entrepreneurs’ success are their personal relationships. Read more

Analysis of 2 Billion User Stories Explains How to Compete with Amazon

Amazon does not, in fact, have a monopoly on e-commerce. You can and should compete with this giant - and there’s a report that will help you figure out how. Read more

Serverless: Bootstrap Your Startup by Only Doing Half of the Work

For tech startups, infrastructure costs are often a huge weight. This new approach, serverless, lets you pay only for the resources you actually use and save a lot of cash. Recently we wrote a practical guide to serverless, so jump over to our blog if you’d like to set it up. Read more

7 Core Qualities for Business Growth

Not to boast, but Netguru is on the list of the 1000 fastest growing companies in Europe. We have a few tips for you on how to boost the growth of your business - and do it smartly. Read more

Saving money with serverless, supercharging your business growth and figuring out your burn rate - all useful for an entrepreneur. Did you find advice to live by in this issue of our newsletter? Did you find our selection of news interesting? Let us know!

Also, feel free to take a look at our careers page or drop us a line at We’re always on the lookout for awesome new talent.

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