Netguru Newsletter #87 - Disappearing Cash in Sweden and Training to Become an Amateur

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Olga Trąd

Updated Apr 29, 2024 • 6 min read

Learn how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign, find out how to use bots to improve retail service quality, take action for women in tech, and more in this issue of Netguru’s newsletter.

Hawaii Missile False Alarm Due to Badly Designed User Interface, Reports Say

In the IT industry, we are used to treating good UIs as crucial. The recent false missile alarm shows us just how serious the consequences of bad UI design can be. Read more

3 Crowdfunding Tips Every Company Forgets From a Brand That Raised $800,000 and Got Acquired

Crowdfunding can be your recipe for success, but it takes a lot of work to create a successful campaign. Here’s a success story that you can learn from. Read more

Forming New Habits: Train to be an Amateur, Not an Expert

We are showered with secret methods that tell us how to become the greatest in the field. Such techniques work when you want to repeat the success of Steve Jobs or a Michael Jordan but are useless when your goals sound more like “I wish I could lose a few pounds”. Nir Eyal claims that a totally different approach can help you form good habits. Read more

The Success of Retail Bots Depends on Quality Human Relationships

Service quality can be a matter of life or death for retail businesses, so it’s no wonder they’re willing to invest in achieving excellence. But as customer expectations rise, it’s becoming more difficult to meet them, especially when what customers want are personalised contact and a real relationship. Luckily, bots can save the day. Read more

Fortune's 2018 Business by Design List

This is one amazing list. “To stay ahead, smart companies are turning to design to better connect with customers and find their competitive advantage.” These are examples to learn and take inspiration from. Read more

Sweden’s Got a Digital Solution for Its Vanishing Cash Crisis

“Cash is expected to disappear in Sweden by 2030.” The future of the financial industry might very well be fully digital, and Sweden will be prepared for that. But are there risks? Read more

5 Ways Women in Tech Can Take Action in 2018

It’s important for women around the world to see strong role models in all industries, technology included. Here a few ways in which you or someone you know can help make the world a better place. Read more

10 Technologies Your SaaS Startup Should Use to Grow

Looks like Software-as-a-Service companies are taking over large chunks of the market. The technologies necessary for SaaS success are widely available, and the target audience for any such product is potentially huge. If you’re thinking about starting a SaaS company, check out these useful tools and technologies that will help you do it in a smart and sustainable way. Read more

What’s more of a surprise: the fake missile alarm in Hawaii or the disappearing money in Sweden? Share your thoughts about this issue of our newsletter in the comments :)

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Photo of Olga Trąd

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