Netguru Newsletter #93 - AI and IoT News, Big Company Syndrome and the Benefits of Coffee

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Olga Trąd

Updated Mar 6, 2023 • 6 min read

Since the last issue was slightly tea-themed, I thought a turnaround would be only fair to the coffee lovers out there.

Aside from that, I bring you news on the YouTube shooting, AI, IoT, tips on avoiding vanity metrics, and more.

YouTube Shooter’s Anger: Inside the Video Site's Ad Dilemma

Was the shooting motivated by anger and, if so, can YouTube be blamed for their demonetisation strategy? Popular YouTubers say no, but the truth is that YouTube’s new policy has been hitting some of their peers hard. Read more

9484% ROI and $150 Increase in Average Order Value. This Company Nailed Customer Experience with Video

The automotive industry has trust issues. This is a fact. It turns out, however, that very simple solutions are all it takes to make customers happier and cause a tenfold increase in ROI. Read more

What’s hot in AI: Deep Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement learning is a bit like training a dog - you use positive reinforcement and reward the desired behaviour. Supervised machine learning on the other hand “trains models based on known-correct answers”. Read more

A Modern IT Architecture For Delivering Digital Transformation

Technology is changing our lives at a high speed, even if we don’t notice it so much any more. Businesses do notice, because their continued existence depends on it. Digital transformation will require “fundamental disruption at all levels of an organization, causing customary lines of separation between functional areas of a business to become less defined.” Read more

What Digital Customer Journey Mapping Looks Like In The IoT Era

“The average US household now has 13 connected devices; 50% of Americans who own voice-enabled IoT gadgets have used them to buy something online at least once.” This means that ecommerce companies need to get on top of planning their customers’ journey in this new environment. Read more

How to Avoid Big Company Syndrome

Many startups and small businesses experience a sort of culture shock as they grow into large companies. They lose some of their innovative momentum and become bogged down with procedures. Is there a way to avoid this sad fate? Read more

Stop Paying Attention to Likes and Shares and Track This Instead

Vanity metrics. They sure are nice to look at, but they might be doing more harm than good as they distract us from measuring what really matters. Luckily, there are ways to move towards strategic marketing and deal with modern challenges more effectively. Read more

Coffee Fights Disease and Extends Your Life, Especially if You Drink It This Way

How do you drink your coffee? Depending on your answer, you might be on the list of the lucky people who are less likely to develop certain diseases than the rest of the population. And if you’re not, what’s stopping you from changing that? Read more

It seems like we’re moving away from the shallow hype surrounding topics like IoT and AI, and towards analysing practical problems and approaches related to them. It’s a nice change.

Feel free to take a look at our careers page or drop us a line at We’re always on the lookout for awesome new talent.

Photo of Olga Trąd

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