Netguru Newsletter #95 - AI, Improving Productivity through Machine Learning and a Driverless Future

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Updated Feb 21, 2023 • 6 min read

Driverless cars, machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence – it seems like so many breakthroughs in science, business and technology are happening all at once.

Hopefully, this collection of news and interesting articles will be helpful in wading through the avalanche of innovation.

Netguru Joins Forces with MicroscopeIT for Future Deep Learning Projects

Have you ever thought that a cityscape would be much improved without the ever-present cranes jutting out against the sky? It took five hundred images, three days, and one team-up between Netguru and MicroscopeIT to bring into the world the first version of an app that will remove those pesky cranes from photos using deep learning. Read more

The End of Parking Lots as We Know Them: Designing for a Driverless Future

Robotisation and automatisation in many areas of life seem to be an inevitability. But do we have the infrastructure for it? Are our cities ready for driverless cars? Here’s a look at how urban design might need to adapt to make room for our wonderful visions of the future. Read more

Evolutionary Computation Will Drive the Future of Creative AI

“You could say AI has become synonymous with progress via computing. However, not all AI is created equal, and for AI to fulfil its many promises, it needs to be creative.” What’s the difference between evolutionary computation and deep learning? And what impact does this have on creativity in AI? Read more

How Machine Learning Is Changing the Game for Major Industries

Machine learning is the topic of the hour. But what is it really, and how can it affect industries and markets? Find out what types of machine learning there are, what a machine learning developer does, and more. Read more

The Biggest Bang for Your Buck

Problems with usability are not easy to solve – else, they would have stopped being problems by now. When you have to deal with a conflict between experience and sales, which way should you lean? For example, should you use pop-ups? How much should you invest in UX to get value for money? Read more

6 Entrepreneurs Share the Brilliant, Crazy Ways They Took Their Companies From Pennies to Profit

How about some business strategies that might not exactly go by the book? Have you heard of local pitch competitions that can help you get funded? How about some guerilla marketing, like delivering business cards along with gift bouquets to coffee shops? Find what other useful ideas might help your business. Read more

5 Great New Business Books to Read This Summer

I’m probably not the only one always on the lookout for new book recommendations. Here’s a list of 5 interesting titles that can keep you company over the next few months, from a book on manipulating luck to a thorough explanation of how Google Maps came to be. Read more

Hive Analytics

How about using machine learning to increase your team’s productivity? Hive can help you find and resolve choke points before they become apparent. We’re proud to say that the mobile app was designed and built by Netguru as a key part of the service. Check it out! Read more

All these new ideas are supposed to transform our lives dramatically – except history shows that we’re probably barely going to notice it happening. Which is why enjoying the speculation and predictions is all the more enjoyable :)

Feel free to take a look at our careers page or drop us a line at We’re always on the lookout for awesome new talent.

Photo of Olga Trąd

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