Newsletter #97 - AI Plays Dota 2 and the US Builds World's Fastest Supercomputer

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Olga Trąd

Updated Aug 31, 2023 • 5 min read

Did you know that, up until recently, China held the top position in high-powered computing?

Read on to find out more about that, as well as about smart packaging and an AI that plays video games and wins with human players.

With IBM Summit Supercomputer, US Reclaims Top Spot from China in High-powered Computing

The US is now officially in possession of the fastest supercomputer in the world, the “gargantuan IBM machine called Summit at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee”. It takes up two tennis courts’ worth of space, and requires the same amount of power as a small town. Read more

OpenAI’s Bot Can Now Defeat Skilled Dota 2 Teams

Artificial intelligence is growing in leaps and bounds. Though its most common application is matching suggestions to users’ needs and tastes, it’s also proving to be a skilled opponent at video games - including Dota 2, a very popular competitive online game that pits two teams of five players against each other. An AI called OpenAI Five has beaten five amateur human teams. Read more

Will Smart Packaging Revolutionize the Packaging Industry as We Know It?

Smart packaging might be the next big thing for ecommerce businesses, “as brands look to interact, understand and meet the concerns of their customers”. What can we expect? Code scanning for more information, expiration dates and prompts on food products, and other brand engagement strategies. Read more

The Most Successful Approach for Asking Someone to Be Your Mentor

Finding a good mentor is not actually that difficult. You can meet them at conferences and other events, by following them online, or simply meeting them through work. But how do you approach this person about actual mentorship? Here’s some advice on how to start that conversation. Read more

Want to Make the Forbes under 30 List? Nominations for 2019 Are Now Open

Have you ever wanted to find your name on the Forbes under 30 list? Perhaps you will get there. Even if you don’t feel ready for the 2019 nominations, this article can give you a good idea on how to approach this opportunity in the future. Read more

How to Attract In-Demand Tech Developers in the Competitive European Market

There’s certainly something in the declarations that “every company is a software company” these days. Many business find themselves investing in their AI departments and online presence, as well as data security and automated management processes. This means they need a way to find good tech employees on a very competitive market. Here’s how. Read more

Is anyone reading this ready to appear on the Forbes under 30 list? If not, maybe the advice on approaching potential mentors will be useful :)

Feel free to take a look at our careers page or drop us a line at We’re always on the lookout for awesome new talent.

Photo of Olga Trąd

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