5 Reasons Why You Should Work at Netguru as an Android Developer (2022 Update)

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Updated Aug 2, 2023 • 6 min read
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Android apps are extremely popular, which pretty much guarantees a steady flow of work for Android developers. Some offers are better than others, so that’s why choosing the right one can sometimes seem like a bit of a lottery.

In this article, I want to give you a list of 5 solid reasons why you should seriously consider working as an Android dev at Netguru - the company I chose to work with some time ago.

Being an Android Dev at Netguru means:

1. Interesting projects

Steve Jobs, while presenting the iPhone, said, “There’s an app for it”. This quotation started a new approach in business to customer relations, and everybody who is running any kind of business wants an app. On the one hand, this is an incredibly useful way to run ongoing selling processes and keep your customers engaged. On the other hand, mobile apps have become the most intimate communication platform.

This means there is little room for us developers to make mistakes. We have an enormous responsibility to deliver the best apps we possibly can to please our clients and make life easier for the users. I was excited to find out that Android team at Netguru knows exactly how to do this. Together, we have experience in various kinds of apps, starting from speech recognition for robots and secure communication to standard (but exciting and innovative) REST clients for companies from all around the world.

2. Acquiring new skills

Technology changes quickly and the only way to stay in the game is to keep learning. I believe that the best way hands down to acquire new skills is “learning by doing”. Netguru gives you plenty of opportunities to do just that. Innovative projects force us as developers to think out of the box and look for solutions that are sometimes new for us, but address the problem in the best possible way.

For example, imagine that you have to maintain 4 background services together with 3 different types of network communication (where at least one protocol is totally new for you) in constant interaction with each other all in one app. This evolves into an intriguing little architectural puzzle that pushes you to research and experiment, to solve the problem and give your brain a workout on a daily basis. If that’s not enough, you can always try out some brand-new libraries, languages, or architectures that are still in their beta versions and not yet in our technology stack while working in our internal and open source projects. Everything that happens at Netguru and the Android team will ensure that you will never ever be bored again!

3. Knowledge sharing

Let’s continue the learning thread a little. As I said, Netguru puts a strong emphasis on the constant process of improving skills and developing knowledge. Apart from learning by doing on your own, it’s quite useful to gain insights from somebody who is much more experienced than you from time to time. Conferences are the best way to do that. You may say that it’s not for everybody because of the price tag, but don’t worry — you can request a refund from the development budget after you discuss it with your manager.

At Netguru, you get the chance to improve as a developer in many fields since the company promotes the culture of knowledge sharing. When somebody learns something of value at a conference, meetup or via personal research, we encourage them to share with others. When everybody has similar know-how but different experience, it’s easier to work together and brainstorm solutions.

You can choose your own preferred way of sharing with others, for example via blog posts on our website or by preparing short presentations during our weekly meetings. What’s more, we organize internal webinars for everyone interested in a given topic. You can contribute to them and teach us your Android development secrets, or you can learn from others about web development, project management or QA testing. Sharing is caring and it’s pure pleasure to see somebody get smarter thanks to you.

4. Contribution to the company’s development

Our Android team is constantly growing and changing and you can be a part of its evolution — everyone has a hand in establishing the workflows and direct control on the way they work. One of our roles is to prepare strong foundations for future developers and ensure that steps like project setup, CI, code review or deployments are never going to cause a bottleneck in the creative process. We are constantly improving the development flow to make it perfectly compatible with Netguru guidelines and values. If you choose to join us, you need to be prepared that we will push you to share your experience to make our environment even better.

5. Working across borders and working from… bed

At Netguru we work with clients from all over the world. But the international atmosphere in the company doesn’t only mean foreign clients. All Netguru employees are welcome to work from wherever they want, as long as their working conditions enable them to take calls and be accessible via Slack. This means that you don’t have to spend your time on commuting to the office, but if you do decide to come, you will be offered a free breakfast, so it's nice to visit the office from time to time.

Not convincing enough? Check out our recruitment infopack to learn more about the company!

Photo of Krzysztof Jackowski

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