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Updated May 28, 2024 • 12 min read

On Twitter, you can also find a vast and thriving community of designers and developers who share their knowledge and sources of inspiration.

In this article, I will pinpoint the 15 best Twitter designers' profiles that, in my opinion, could turn out to be a rich resource of incentive and fresh ideas for you.

There is no doubt that Twitter can be a great source both for inspiration and knowledge. It goes without saying that Twitter is appreciated mainly by the communities of journalists, sports teams and celebrities. Yet, on Twitter you can also find a vast and thriving community of designers and developers who share their knowledge and sources of inspiration with thousands of followers. In this article, I will pinpoint the 15 best Twitter profiles that, in my opinion, could turn out to be a rich resource of incentive and fresh ideas for you.

Some time ago I drew up a list of 15 startup influencers definitely worth following. I wish to continue this series with a list of some of the finest developers. Stay tuned!

1. Jeffrey Zeldman @zeldman

A famous web designer, podcaster, blogger and speaker. The founder of „A List Apart” and the design studio Happy Cog. A very active Twitter user followed by over 345 k people. During 9 years, he sent over 43.2k tweets.

2. Fabio Sasso @abduzeedo

A web and graphic designer who also run his own blog. He claims he has been abducted by design. Every day, Fabio tweets an inspirational graphic and his profile is a great source of information about typography, new fonts, photography, design and illustration. He is followed by over 265k people.

Sample tweet:

3. Tina Roth Eisenberg @swissmiss

Author of a design blog called Swiss Miss. She founded also Tatty - a temporary tattoos design studio, and a simple design to-do app Teux Deux. Tina also runs Creative Mornings, morning meetings of creative people over coffee. She has over 433k followers.

Sample tweet:

4. Chris Spooner @chrisspooner

He describes himself as „the guy behind the Spoon.Graphics blog. On his Twitter profile, he shares the most important of his blog posts, video tutorials and tips on various aspects of designing. His tweets are read by over 84.6k Twitter users.

Sample tweet:

5. Wolfgang Bartelme @bartelme

User interface & graphic designer from Austria, the owner of a design agency that creates custom user interfaces, icons and website for apps. He tweets about technology, tools for designers and resources. He is followed by over 14.7k people.

Sample tweet:

6. Luke Wroblewski @lukew

He claims to be devoted to humanizing technology. Founder of Polar acquired by Google and Bancheck acquired by Twitter. He worked for Yahoo, eBay and NCSA and is the author of „ Mobile First”, „Web Form Design” and „Site Seeing”. He is followed by over 137k people.

Sample tweet:

7. Antonio Carusone @AisleOne

Director of Product Design at MakeSpace from New York City. On his Twitter profile Carson shares links to interesting articles and resources, as well as describes challenges in the work of a designer. He is followed by 26.3k people.

Sample tweet:

8. Anthony Calixto @anthonycalixto

Young freelance graphic designer from New York. He specializes in „design websites, logos, mixtape covers, basically anything design”. Anthony tweets about his design projects, and shares his thoughts about clients. He is followed by over 6.7k Twitter users.

Sample tweet:

9. Andrew Wilkinson @awilkinson

Founder of MetaLab which designs for Slack and Coinbase, Flow, and Pixel Union. Publisher of Designer News. He uses Twitter to network with other designers and tweets about technology, mobile applications and of course, their design. He is followed by over 15.9k people.

Sample tweet:

10. Anthony Burrill @anthonyburrill

Graphic artist, print maker and designer. He is known for his persuasive, up-beat style of communication. He tweets a lot about the work he likes and shares lots of photos. Must-follow for all the creative heads. He already has over 10.3 k followers.

11. Jan Jursa @IATV

He is a UX Content Curator from Prague but living in Berlin. He gives valuable pieces of advice for ux designers for example how to determine whether customer feedback is actionable or what is the role of colour in app design. He is followed by over 46.7k people.

Sample tweet:

12. Debbie Millman @debbiemillman

Debbie is a CMO of Sterling Brands, designer, artist, author and above all - educator. She is also a host of Design Matters, the world’s first and longest running podcast on design. Over 38.7k people everyday read her tweets about illustration, podcasts and conversations with other creatives.

Sample tweet:

13. Ryan Singer @rjs

Blogger at Felt Presence where he writes about UI design and product management. For over 10 years Singer has been designing user interfaces, creates products concepts at Basecamp. He thinks that new insights appear at any stage of a project and interface design should drive product development. Followed by over 21.6k people.

Sample tweet:

14. Marcin Wichary @mwichary

Designer at Medium and fellow of Code for America, for 7 years he worked also as user experience designer at Google. On his blog he describes fun he has at work, given and host talks as well as shares his writings and travel memories. Master of typography followed by 4,1k people.

Sample tweet:

15. Frank Chimero @frank_chimero

Design director at Habitat claiming he is a designer who writes. Described as a hero by The Atlantic and as a genius by „Time”. Author of the book „The Shape of Design” followed by over 51.4 k Twitter users.

Sample tweet:

We hope this list will change your Twitter timeline for the better - grabbing some knowledge from industry influencers is always a good thing. Speaking of the Twitter timeline - feel free to tweet this article if you liked it, just click the sharing button below my bio. Thank you!

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